Ghostbusters Twitter viewing party – don’t forget.

Popping up only a couple of weeks ago, and having just barely been confirmed as official, via Sony news letter, the Ghostbusters Twitter viewing party is well one it’s way… to something. With 114 followers on Twitter, and 60+ views of their state-of-the-art YouTube video, their goal to trend Ghostbusters on Twitter this Friday is a sure thing!

Be this as it may, I like the idea – everyone grabs their copy of Ghostbusters, heads over to Twitter just before 6PST/9EST PM this Friday, waits for @ghostbustersDVD to give the word, then PRESS PLAY, search for the #Ghostbusters hashtag, and tweet along while you watch. It will be, however big or small, a hilarious couple of hours with fans. And if Ghostbusters happens to trend, even better.

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