Ghostheads episode #23 now live!

Burned out from college finals? Let Ghostheads help you relax! In this episode Luke and Jason discuss the latest efforts of the Alabama GB in there tornado relief, dance around the subject of a GB parody movie, that’s not kid friendly, and as a special bonus we uncover a lost interview. Head on over to to get the latest episode!!

“Osama the Traveler. He leave in one of the pre-chosen forms. Ideally off the back of an aircraft carrier”

Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 4:03
Topics – Minutes 4:04 – 23:50
Alabama GB tornado relief
Adult GB movie parody
Release GB II on Blu-ray
Live Breaking news
Lost interview with Troy Benjamin – Minutes 23:51 – 44:37
Word from our sponsor – Minutes 44:38 – 44:44
Listener e-mail – Minutes 44:45 – 50:20
Closing – Minutes 50:21 – 56:45
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