Golden Ghost fanfilm awards are now taking submissions.

The Golden Ghost Awards, the first Ghostbusters Fan Film Contest, has officially begun today with a 2-week application period for filmmakers to submit their work for competition.
The Golden Ghost Awards website is now open for business!
Want to compete in the first ever Ghostbusters Fan Film Contest?
Applicants will find links on the site below to review rules and guidelines, as well as instructions on how to apply to compete and a synopsis of how the voting will take place.
Here’s a brief timeline on the contest:
May 16-30th:  Applications considered for competition.
May 30-June 13:  Voting Period.  Fans may vote once per day, per computer for 14 days and may vote for any combination of films they chose.
June 15: Winner is announced and contacted.
June 30: Acceptance speech is requested to have been sent back to us to post on the site from Winner and Runner-Up.
So if you’re ready, log over to the official site:
And may the best film win!
Here’s a mockup of the trophy, now under construction….
Not able to compete or not ready?  We will be exhibiting trailers for non-qualifying or work-in-progress Fan Films on our home page!  Just email or find him on Facebook to inquire.

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