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The New York Daily News is reporting that they have the list – as created by City Hall – of 20 firehalls in the greater New York area that are slated for closing, after budget cuts were made.

City Hall is stressing that the list is only tentative, as some of the stations may remain open if more money is found, but that’s a bit of a big if, and even if they do find money, the chances aren’t great for any of the stations that they will be one of the 20 saved from closure.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this plays out, but at the moment it doesn’t look good for the world’s most famous firehall.

Thanks to Mike Sopronyi for the heads up.


  1. *Looks for flights to New York*

  2. Time for a Facebook page to save it!

  3. Aw, man … is there anything we can do?

  4. We need to find out how much it would take to save it, and then start a fundraising campaign!

  5. What genuine New Yorker would close down such a site? …… can someone buy it and turn it into a Ghostbusters exhibit? Store? Movie house? haha…

    Seriously, though, that sucks.

  6. What the!?

  7. On the only plus side, though, it’d be free for Ghostbusters III filming.

  8. It’s a shame, but I think it’s likely the building will continue to be used by studios looking for an iconic firehouse in NYC.

  9. OK, So maybe we don’t save it for the city but put together a fundraiser to buy it with the community where we keep it like a timeshare are we can all get the chance to you know stay the night. And Try out the pole.

  10. omg! we need to do something guys…

  11. Even if they no longer use the firehall to house firefighters, I can’t see them tearing down the building or anything. SOMEBODY will buy the place and turn it into something. What a kickass nightclub it would make.

  12. that sucks!!!!!

  13. If the LA firehouse is still standing even if non operational, then I wouldn’t be too worried about #8 seeing the wrecking ball anytime soon. Still sucks, though.

  14. Unfortunately, the LA station house is also under threat. It’s still there, but it’s had a couple of close calls in recent years.

  15. what the hell??????? Where they’ll shoot GB3 if the Firehouse is closed???

  16. Guys, if they do sell, it I say we club together to save our Mecca! I was there a few months ago and it looks as awesome as ever.

  17. If it closed as a firehall, would they just sell it off to the highest bidder? A museum for movies made in NY would be cool in there, but is it easy access for tourists?

    Hopefully whatever happens, the building stays intact without too much exterior reno. I wanted to make it there once in my lifetime. :/

  18. Lets form a slime chain…

  19. WE MUST SAVE THE ICON OF GHOSTBUSTERS! What will happen if there is no one there to protect the building from falling apart? I mean, come on! This is the place where every ghostbuster fan migrates to at least once in their lives to pay their respects!! What would we do without the fire hall? We already lost the Tavern on the Green! I don’t know about you guys but I would give my last penny to save this icon!

  20. Someone with some scratch could turn this into a MASSIVE cash cow. It’s already a stop on the NYC bus tours, imagine if they remodeled the interior to match the movies and turned it into a $5 a pass tour?

    GB themed cafe,,,,, Hmm, maybe I need to see if I can get a mortgage preapproval. Everybody has three of them nowadays.

  21. It’s a historical NY landmark, it won’t get destroyed anytime soon. I would be more concerned with the firehouse being vandalized and graffittied (worse than it is the last time I was by it) because it is an abandoned building… It would actually benefit GB3 if it weren’t operational, cuz then the production wouldn’t have to shoot around the working firemen’s schedules… And it is in easy access to tourists, it’s right on the outskirts of little Italy…

  22. I think SONY should buy the Firehouse, make the 3rd movie on location, and then dismantle the Firehouse and ship it to the west coast and rebuild it at SONY Picture Studios brick by brick. That would be the highlight of the SONY VIP TOUR!! “To your left is the actual firehouse used in the movie GHOSTBUSTERS. The city was experiencing financial hardships and had to close it; rather than see it turn into a pile of shit like the one in L.A. where the interiors were shot, SONY bought the firehouse and shipped it here to HOLLYWOOD.” If anyone’s been to L.A. and seen the other one they know what I mean.

  23. I have my fingers crossed for the fire station to stay operational! I guess if they absolutely had to close the fire station I do like the idea for a Ghostbusters Museum / Caffe!

  24. If it does close does that mean the building will go on the market?? I can only imagine how much money someone would pay for it!

  25. Not that I’m planning on this happening anytime soon (knock on wood) but my wishes for after I die was to have my ashes spread there. So, all in all this kinda calls my future resting place into question.

  26. I need to go there and pay my respects before something awful could happen… let´s start a worldwide fundraising campaign and save the building!

  27. hey guys…i know this does indeed suck..but we can try and do something to save it..i have a link here where you can send a message to the mayor stating your reasons why they should keep the firehouse..if the mayor can see that fans from around the world…not just the nyc area..are being threatened..maybe he might reconsider…hey..its a stepping something never know…but..isnt it worth save the FIREHOUSE!!!! HERE IS THE LINK..PLZ..MESSAGE!!!

  28. Im going there in September for the first time! Hope it can hang in there until then :/

  29. Just spoke with a friend of mine, isnt it is a listed building, therefore at least if the worst came to it, it wouldnt be knocked down. Heres hoping!

  30. It’s unfathomable to think that the city would close ANY of their firestations, much less one as iconic as Ladder #8. Putting aside its Ghostbusters usage, these firestations provide an invaluable public service to their communities. Why doesn’t Trump, or one of those other NYC billionaires, put up their money to save these firestations. There’s so much better use for the billions in their bank accounts than just sitting there making them richer and richer, while everyone else gets poorer and poorer.

  31. “This building should be condemned!”

    As for a campaign what’s wrong with Reitman/Ramis/Murray/Aykroyd/Hudson/Weaver/Moranis picking up the tab? They’re not exactly short of dough.

    They could even start a fundraising event AT the very location themselves. There would be no way it could possibly fail!!

  32. Isn’t Hollywood going to do ANYTHING about this?!

  33. this is off topic but speaking of ghostbuster landmarks. the ny public library turned 100 today. there is an article about it on sorry to say there is no mention of it being in ghostbusters.

  34. …was there any mention about the librarian menstruating?

  35. TO:Trotski IS a demi god, thanks for the good laugh!!

  36. “Save the Firehouse! Save the Firehouse! Hey kid, that’s a historic firehouse! Spirits blew a hole in its roof almost 30 years ago! Save the Firehouse!”

  37. Dr. E. Brown “Back off man…I’m a scientist!”

  38. They can’t do that ! It’s only just been used in a TV ad over here ! SAVE IT ! The pole does still work after all !

  39. Will not happen….No one knows the Steve Buchemi was originally a firefighter in NYC and his firehouse was the Ghostbusters firehouse. He also has been putting thousands of dollars into the house including new stoves, cleaning of the pole ect. and it will never happen, the city will never shut that down with the support of someone like that. They will easily choose another one from the bunch.

  40. …whilst a particular comment is awaiting moderation…moderate this Peckerhead.

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  41. …makes you sad? I’m distraught! I’ve been drawing sunflowers all day and convincing myself I have one ear too many…

    If you are referring to the moderation, well, seems I have been dispatched to the naughty step. Shame you can’t scan posts for ‘tone’. As the punchline/delivery executed in the film creates the right tension. but when some shmuck from the twilight zone attempts to recreate the moment it gets swallowed up by the beards.

    …and it was actually in response to a previous post (which, apparently, has now been removed) so does not seem to make much sense in the continuity department. (unless I have crossed the threads..?)

    Oh least the continuity department will never have to worry about their jobs. they’re sitting pretty.

  42. It’s unfortunate to think that this fire station may also close, given the unknown nature of LA’s firehouse. To me it’s even more unfortunate that there’s people who think running a Facebook page about this is going to do any good. That’s “teh interwebs generation” for ya. A more logical way to get your wishes accomplished is by contacting your elected representatives but really… Why? To settle an emotional attachment to this building? Sure, I’d be sorry to see it go too but progress happens. Something dies so that something else can live.

  43. I agree with the folks who think the hall has a future as a decommissioned tourist attraction. Even if it’s a comic book shop with a special GB area, I think this will remain an icon even if it’s not a working fire station.

  44. Whoa, DN’s onto something there. Imagine this building as a mall. Keep the floors and doorway/window arrangements, just refurb it as a 2-3 store mall with a different store on each level. It could even be GB or firehouse themed. Ah, it’s a stretch but it’s a hook to toss out there for any investor.

  45. So when is the GB community gonna step up and donate money to keep this piece of movie and new york history open?


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