GBFans building interactive trivia feature for both movies, needs your help.

GBFans is soliciting your help to build an interactive feature on the site that uses both Ghostbusters films. While they are currently being mum on the details, it’s not hard to draw a line between their first hints at the project and the group Twitter viewing of Ghostbusters 1 on May 13th, just a few days earlier – at a guess, it’s a crowd-sourced trivia database. Whether you access it directly or it streams in time with the movies remains to be seen, but either way, it’s an ambitious project that needs your help.

Step one is taking every frame from both films and grading them – not every frame is clear. Some will be glitched and need a re-grab. And the best way to sort out the good from the bad is to get YOU to vote… frame by frame. If you make it through (and contribute to the feature once it’s done – whatever that entails. Presumably contributing trivia) you get a supporting membership on the site.

Head here to get started – be sure to read the voting criteria at the bottom. If people don’t follow the criteria, it all kind of falls apart.

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