Casting news a rehash of November non-starter

A listing for Ghostbusters 3 casting is making the rounds – before you get too excited, the solicitation for GB3 extras is the same page that made a small noise back in November. And I mean the EXTACT same page. Here’s Proton Charging’s coverage from last year, including Entertainment Weekly’s news that they had contacted Anna Farris’ representation and she was not up for the role.

That link to the casting page is the same page making the rounds today – they changed the date on the top of the page to May 23rd, but the page link still contains the 2010/11 (november 2010) date.

Nothing came of the last call and no official announcement was made to confirm it. It remains a slim possibility that it was legit and stalled, and this is just the same process starting up again, but for now, it’s a giant question mark.

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