IDW reveals GB monthly to have Nick Runge variants – explains theme

IDW Honcho in Chief, Chris Ryall, has posted a look at the variant cover for the first issue of the monthly Ghostbusters comic – coming this September – by artist Nick Runge. Nick has contributed covers to previous Ghostbusters comics, including Con-Volution, Past, Present, and Future, and… well, all of them, I think.

Ryall also explained that the covers will have a theme, with each variant cover paying homage to classic album covers – the first is modeled, loosely, after the KISS Destroyer album.

For our coming GHOSTBUSTERS series — starting in September — artist Nick Runge will be doing a variant cover for each issue that pays tribute to classic album art. Up first is this little “Kings of the Nighttime World” tribute to Ken Kelly‘s classic painting from 1976…


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