Ernie Hudson at Phoenix ComicCon – AZGBs in full force. [UPDATED]

The Phoenix Comic Con was this weekend and ABC TV gave it some special interest attention – of most note is they got to speak to Ernie Hudson a bit, who professed his appreciation for all the Ghostbusters fans out there. In doing that, the cameras also got a great look at the Arizona GBs and the spectacle they brought to the event.

You can read the write-up at ABC15’s website, but the video is better.

The Phoenix ComiCon was unbelievable this year. The attendance was record setting and they ended up having to limit the number of people in the hall and extended the hours because of it. Our booth was considered one of the most popular thanks to Puft looming over the hall. Anywhere you were you could see him. A lot of people used it at their meeting point.

William Atherton was only supposed to be there Friday and Saturday but he decided to stay all of Sunday too. William is a true gentleman and professional. Ernie was only in attendance on Sunday due to filming a movie here in Arizona. He stopped by our booth to see us and William. It caused a media circus and was an amazing moment to see the two actors together again.

We raised just $875 from raffles with $100 of that coming from the arcade machine. At $.25 a play that means it was played 400 times over the weekend.

All of our panels went great and Ernie’s was filled to capacity. We handed out 600 AZGB buttons and held the Slime Scavenger Hunt and Ghost Trapping Game for kids. We had tons of kids come in costume and a mom and her daughter came in Stay Puft costumes. The Zombie walk was also a huge success. Elvira also stopped by which caused another media circus. We set up our sound system speakers behind Vigo so after every few songs we had a Vigo quote play. It scared quite a few people, especially when they were in front of him for a photo.

Our pics on flickr:

First 5 minutes of Ernie Hudson and William Atherton panel:

AZcentral newspaper photo gallery of Zombie Walk:



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