Ghostbusters United: Newsletter 2 now online!

Ghostbusters United is proud to present issue two of its quarterly franchise-centric newsletter, put together by Chris Sinquefield of the Northeast Texas Ghostbusters.

Available here for download, issue two of the Franchise Newsletter highlights the history of one of the first franchises to hit the scene: the West Coast Busters. We also take some time to highlight Busterpalooza, an upcoming gathering in Houston of some of the south’s finest franchises, and Brandon Carnahan of the Steel City Ghostbusters takes some time to reflect on the Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade from March. Issue 2 is a solid entry in our newsletter, so take some time and read up on what’s going on with Ghostbusters franchises worldwide.

Download the PDF newsletter here!

Mattel outlines GB releases to end of year.

With the release of the 6″ Ghostbusters 2, slimer-blower packin’ Winston, Mattel has announced their Ghostbusters release schedule for the rest of the year. Barring any changes, which are always a possibility, due to production and shipping issues, here’s the rundown;

June 15th:
-Ghostbusters 2, 6″ Winston Zeddemore with Slime Blower and Tri-Pod Trap

July 15th:
-Ghostbusters 2, 12″ Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore Double Pack.

July 20th: (San Diego Comic Con)
-22″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. (Left overs will be sold online around August 1st) Check out the Stay Puft Release Video

August 15th:
-Ghostbusters 6″ Lab Coat Egon Spengler with Library Ghost.

October 17th:
-Ghostbusters 6″ Ray Stantz with Cinema Ghost (Ghostbusters 2)
-Ghostbusters 2, 12″ Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler Double Pack.
-Something you’ve been waiting for that I can’t announce yet!

We still have one Ghostbusters 6″ Club Ecto-1 figure to reveal for 2011. That figure will ship in December and be revealed at SDCC along with the first 2012 figure! Just keep in mind that like what happened with our original Zeddemore sale date, various issues (like a potential fourth reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants or a mass sponge migration, for example) can cause things to get switched up so the schedule isn’t final until, well, it’s final. I’ll be sure to keep you updated because there are tons more great toys coming!

The “can’t announce yet” is most likely the second prop item – the first prop, the PKE meter, was announced at SDCC and went on sale in October, so it makes a certain amount of sense that they will do the same again this year.

As a small bonus, they included this Lab Coat Egon photo;

[VIA GBFans]

Spook Central nails one of the toughest Shot On Sites

Over the last couple of years, most all scenes of both movies have been sussed out – but it’s a diminishing return on the effort, as the more scenes we figure out, the ones that remain unsolved are logically the harder and harder ones. Right now, most all of the shots remaining where their locations haven’t been identified are montage shots – quick shots where there isn’t a lot of time to make out any helpful details.

But Paul at Spook Central nailed one today – by using the shot in the film PLUS (and this is the amazing part) on location photos from various sources, including the Ghostbusters 2 trading card set – has figure out where the boys nabbed a ghost while wearing their Santa hats.

Check out the location detective awesomeness at Spook Central.

GBFans building interactive trivia feature for both movies, needs your help.

GBFans is soliciting your help to build an interactive feature on the site that uses both Ghostbusters films. While they are currently being mum on the details, it’s not hard to draw a line between their first hints at the project and the group Twitter viewing of Ghostbusters 1 on May 13th, just a few days earlier – at a guess, it’s a crowd-sourced trivia database. Whether you access it directly or it streams in time with the movies remains to be seen, but either way, it’s an ambitious project that needs your help.

Step one is taking every frame from both films and grading them – not every frame is clear. Some will be glitched and need a re-grab. And the best way to sort out the good from the bad is to get YOU to vote… frame by frame. If you make it through (and contribute to the feature once it’s done – whatever that entails. Presumably contributing trivia) you get a supporting membership on the site.

Head here to get started – be sure to read the voting criteria at the bottom. If people don’t follow the criteria, it all kind of falls apart.

Know what your lawn needs this Halloween? 8 foot tall Stay Puft.

Big thanks to Matt Rude for the heads up on this Morbid Enterprises listing at Big Bad Toy Store – an eight and a half foot tall inflatable Stay Puft. Screw the inflatable pumpkin or witch on the lawn – we all need this. Well, I need this.

Currently is taking pre-orders at $99.99 (hmmm. Now I know why people always get the pumpkin), and while no due date is apparent, they have it listed for a Q3 release, which would put it at September, at the latest – right on time for Halloween!