Cross the Streams radio show: Episode 15

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Intro/Monologue with Matt Prov
Commercials – Tire Busters/GB 2 Mood Slime
Roundtable with Guests

NY Daily News reporting that Ladder 8 could face closure
Matty posts Stay Puft video + Ghostbusters release schedule
Diamond releases first look at RGB Minimates exclusive 4 pack.
8.5′ Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man up for pre-order
Golden Ghost fan film contest now taking submissions
Ghostbusters United Franchise Newsletter: Issue 2 now available
Ghostbusters Themed Room -VIGO IS HERE
Casting News From November Revived!?
Sam Seamlessly promotes the Steel City Ghostbusters as soon as the opportunity arose…
Cross the Streams Radio Show/Ontario Ghostbusters attending Free Comic Book Day Events
(Sam once again shamelessly promotes his group)
Shout out to GB FAN Curtis!
Busterpalooza Contest
Sam wins your love with his “Guess Who” game (Giving away a Matty Collector GB2 Venkman MOC)
Ben Langlinais Busterpalooza/The Golden Ghost Awards Update!
Commercials-Twin City Ghostbusters/Alabama Ghostbusters Podcast
Matt Prov’s Interview with Ken Kapalowski
Goodbyes/Farewell to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

Special Guests: Matthew Watkins, Fernando Hernandez, Sam Swōpe and Carl Lyon.

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