Cross the Streams podcats – episode 16

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In this special edition of Cross the Streams Radio Show, Matt and Brendan interview IDW’s creative team behind the new Ghostbuster Monthly Comic. After the in-depth interview interview, both Ghostheads continue to talk to Tristan Jones, Erik Burnham, Luis Antonio Delgad and Dapper Dan about GB Fan Films, Fan Art and had they seen Vigo lately?

Show 16
Intro with Matt Prov
Roundtable Guests: Tristan Jones, Erik Burnham, Luis Antonio Delgad and Dapper Dan.


Licensing International Expo – Sony targeting 2013 for third film?
Golden Ghost Fan Film Contest
Thoughts on The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire: “Spilled Milk.” If ”yes”, what was your favorite or best part of the film?
Who’s your favorite Ghostbusters and why?
Will the World Stop when GB2 hits Blu-Ray?
Which car is better, the Delorian or the ecto-1?
Do you have a favorite piece of Ghostbuster Fan Art?
Ghostbusters Themed Room -VIGO IS HERE


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