Would Sony dump Columbia?

Ooh, that’s not good – fortunately, it’s speculative.

24/7 Wall Street runs a yearly feature, guessing which brands will die in the coming year. Some at interesting guesses, such as the death of Nokia (even though they are showing some interesting, possibly company reviving tech) and some headscratchers, like the death of Corn Pops (kids aren’t eating sugar cereal anymore… the idiots) fill out the piece, but the one that seems the most reasoned and worrisome is that Sony might unload Columbia-TriStar as a fast way to increase the worth of the company.

This doesn’t mean the death of Ghostbusters or Columbia-TriStar. They would end up belonging to someone else. But by selling Columbia-TriStar, Sony Pictures ceases to be. And if Sony Pictures hasn’t put Ghostbusters 3 into production before that, the greenlight process starts all over.

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