SHORT NOTICE! Two GB screenings at Austin drive-ins, THIS WEEKEND!

Big ups to Dan Gladwell for spotting this just in the nick of time – The Blue Starlite Drive-ins in Austin, TX has added Ghostbusters to their Drive-in Classics series, and is screening the movie on Friday, July 1st, and Saturday, July 2nd. For those not familiar with the drive-in, they have two locations (or entrances… I’m not sure), with one screen showing on the Friday and the other showing on the Saturday.

And that’s not all;

Why are we showing it: Because it’s one of our New Drive-in classics and gives us an excuse to add Stay Puft Marshmallows to our menu!

The Blue Starlite is a unique drive-in, where admission is by the carload, you can book a spot using FM radio for the soundtrack, or a classic car-window speaker (like when I was a kid – as your parents.) You can also order food packages ahead of time, including one with the aforementioned Stay-Puft s’mores! There is one small hitch though – The Blue Starlite isn’t a classic drive-in that’s survived, rather it’s an urban mini-drive-in started by a local artist and movie lover, Josh Frank. Think of it like an outdoor screening meets a drive-in. The classic drive-in experience, only in mini. There are only 12 car spots, so best reserve if it’s not too late, but there’s also (if I understand correctly) walk-in admission. Bring a chair, blanket, and FM radio, I guess.

> FM Car Spot $25 (per car load/not per person)
> Vintage Window speaker car slot $30 (per car load/not per person)

Food packages purchased under the desired car slot (pricing includes car slot )

$35-$40 – Tasty Treat for either FM or Vintage Window includes popcorn, and Vintage candy
$45-$50 – Get smores for your money for either FM or Vintage Window car slots includes Popcorn and Smores Kit for 2.
$55 – The Family Plan: FM car slot only includes popcorn, Candy/Smores for 4!

How the smore’s works: you get a smores kit with everything you need to build a smores sandwich, we give you a little tiny fire to cook your marshmallows with on skewers and then you put them all together like at a summer camp- camp out, but instead, at a drive in movie!

MOVIE TRAILER Meal deal’s- #1 Ugly Banjos- Sandwich Trailer
Ugly Banjo’s Movie Trailer package for 1.
Drive in car Slot (FM), and choice of sandwich w/ a bag of chips and bottled water from Ugly Banjo’s for $40
Ugly Banjo’s Movie Trailer package for 2.
Drive in car Slot (FM), and choice of 2 sandwichs w/ 2 bag of chips and 2 bottled water from Ugly Banjo’s for $50

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