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Zuul House Rocks t-shirt – buy it, today only!

By on Jul 30, 2011 in MERCH | 0 comments

You’ll recall the awesome Zuul House Rocks t-shirt we talked about awhile back, which at the time was looking to get a thumbs up to become a Threadless t-shirt. Well, I don’t think it made it at Threadless, but you can buy it, today only, at – $10! [Thx to the Minions of Gozer and Dale for the heads...

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Cross the Streams podcast episode 18 is live!

By on Jul 30, 2011 in GB | 0 comments

In this special edition of ‘Cross the Streams Radio Show,’ Long Island Ghostbuster Fernando Hernandez and Sam Swōpe from the Steel City Ghostbusters host Episode 18. This episode contains a very inside look into the Ghostbusters 2 Film as Robin Shelby aka Slimer from Ghostbusters 2 will be interviewed and join us for a roundtable discussion! We go behind the scenes...

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StickerYou Summer Sale! Last 2 days for 20% Ghostbusters and PC stickers!

By on Jul 29, 2011 in ADMIN, ART, MERCH | 0 comments

You may or may not have tried the Proton Charging / StickerYou widget, which allows you to pick the exact Ghostbusters stickers you want, lay them out exactly where and what size you want, and have the final vinyl, die-cut stickers mailed directly to your house. If you have, you know how cool they are. If you haven’t you should check them out. But today, and...

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Second crack at SDCC Stay-Puft, on sale, online, Monday!

By on Jul 29, 2011 in MERCH | 0 comments

Missed out on attending San Diego Comic-Con? Well, don’t fret – you missed out on the first crack at the squishie Stay-Puft doll and its diorama case, BUT this Monday, August 1st, you’ll have a second crack at what stock remains after SDCC. All you need is to buy early and have $70. Thanks to Brandon for the heads...

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