Just because it’s Friday: Oh, Godzilla! And a jam for the weekend!

Happy Canada Day, y’all! Or, alternately, I hope your Fourth of July weekend is going great!

Lots of running around today, but I want to leave a couple of treats.

First up is this screengrab of 1984’s The Return of Godzilla, spotted by Richard Julius Crypt – old timers may remember it as the weird Japan/US hybrid film, where Japan had their full-Japanese cast in December of 1984, but US audiences got a recut version with new scenes with an American cast in Summer of 1985. In one quick shot of some cheesy miniature cars, a Ghostbusters logo can be seen in the background!

Which is weird, because as far as one can tell, there is no direct connection between the two films, other than they were being made at around the same time. My best guess is that when Ghostbusters came out in the Summer of ’84, the Godzilla production would have had lots of print and ad references lying around from which to drop in a little nod to that year’s biggest film. The fact that it’s flipped as it was in a lot of International markets supports this idea.

And just before I go, here’s a little ditty from Pumps, which they busted out (hoho) simply because they’re big ghostheads. And it is exactly what they’re promising it is – a catchy jam to get you movin’. There’s something a little retro about the sound that would make it a solid fit on the soundtracks of either movie, but there’s no mistaking from the videogame sound clips, this is a track made with a third film in mind.

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