Art Asylum shows off second wave of RGB Minimates!

The Art Asylum blog has made a big post about their second wave of Real Ghostbusters Minimates, even showing off some cool new pictures! The first wave is out now, with the TRU exclusive 2-packs at your local Toys R Us, and the direct sales 4-packs at a comic shop near you!

“Nighty-night, Winston!” Over 20 years later, those words still fill me with dread, and my name’s not even Winston. But say it in the raspy voice of the Sandman from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, preferably in a pitch-black room, and it’ll scare anybody. The Sandman is part of the second wave of Real Ghostbusters Minimates two-packs, exclusively available at Toys “R” Us in September, and it’s an all-star line-up:

– Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore
– Stay Puft (Good) & Louis (in Ghostbusters outfit)
– Evil Slimer & Sandman (TRU-exclusive)
– Logo Ghost & Killerwatt (TRU-exclusive)

And if you have a comic book or specialty store in your area, head there for the exclusive box set, which includes Peter, Winston and exclusive angry and casual versions of Stay-Puft and Louis, respectively. And be sure to pick up the first series of RGB two-packs and box set, in stores now!

Real Ghostbusters Series 2 Box Set (E: specialty and comic stores)

Real Ghostbusters Series 2 Two-Packs (E: Toys R Us stores)

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