Club Ecto-1 2012 memberships on sale Friday, July 22nd.

Sale Starts: Friday 7/22 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET)
Sale Ends: Friday 8/5 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET)

Thanks to you, the most loyal fans on the planet, Club Eternia® and Club Ecto-1 are back for 2012, along with the all-new Club Lion Force! If you’re a collector of Masters of the Universe®, Ghostbusters™ or Voltron®, a subscription to one (or all) of our clubs is the only way to guarantee you’ll get every official club release directly from Mattel.

Now entering its second year, Club Ecto-1 is set to deliver more of everyone’s favorite ectoplasmic exterminators, the Ghostbusters™… including someone you’ve been waiting for!

Overview of Club Ecto-1

As a member in Club Ecto-1, you’re guaranteed to get all six of the 6″ Ghostbusters™ figures released during the year, plus a club-exclusive figure.
About every other month in 2012 (beginning in January), you’re automatically shipped the Club Ecto-1 figure. Figures are billed as they are shipped. The club-exclusive and January and March figures will be announced at the Mattypalooza fan panel at SDCC on 7/22, then here right after the panel.
Special convention items, reissues, props and accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Ghostbusters™ items, and reissue non-subscription items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed below.

Subscription Cost

Monthly figures: 6 @ $20 = $120
Club-exclusive figure/signup: $20 = $20
TOTAL $140 plus shipping/taxes/fees

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