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A small, sad note – Ryan Risco, 26, drowned Friday morning, after going for a swim with a friend. I found out because Google sent me the newspaper article about his death, which included some of this personal loves and interests from friends, including Ghostbusters – his obituary even included a small reference to the film.

The passing of anyone is sad enough, particularly someone as young as Ryan, but Ryan was a Proton Charging reader, having even sent in news tips in previous years.

Our condolences – all of our condolences, I’m certain – to his family.


  1. Really sad news, especially so young. My prayers are with his family.

    “See you on the other side, Ray.”

  2. From one Ryan to another, from one GB fanatic to another… may you Rest in Peace. You were too young, FAR too young to pass!!

    ABSOLUTELY right, Chris… biggest, heartfelt, condolences- to Ryan’s family and many friends!

  3. A loss of life – especially young – is immeasurable. I am sure we can all say that the entire community pass on their condolences to his family and friends.

  4. Ryan Risco was my cousin and I just wanted to say he REALLY really was the #1 Ghostbuster fan of all time! Wanted to let all you ghostheads know he is being buried in his Ghostbuster uniform (brown jumpsuit/coveralls) All his friends came to the funeral in Ghostbuster tee shirts. Even one of the wreaths for his wake had the ghostbuster symbol in it! It was hysterical and he would have loved it. It wasnt his only interest..he was an amazing actor, dancer, yankee fan, and incredibly popular person, but for some reason he always dug the Ghostbusters, even his license plate played homage to it. He was a really special and loved person, and the world will never be the same without him. Just wanted to share.

  5. Hi Jessica – thanks for sharing. We were sad to hear about his death, but are happy to hear his family and friends got to remember him, not just as a Ghostbusters fan, but for everything he enjoyed.

    Please send along our thoughts to his family and if there is anything like a charity the family has chosen, in lieu of sending flowers to tomorrow’s internment, please let us know.

  6. Thoughts and Prayers are with the Family of Ryan, This is always completely sad news to hear when someone has passed.

  7. There are no words I can type that haven’t already been. My heart-felt condolences to you, Jessica, and your family.

  8. Ryan was my best friend in the world. Thank you all for the support and he surely was a ghosthead. Buried in his jumpsuit, vault lid was ghostbusters out and he constantly spoke about them. He has a tattoo as well. Ryan will never be forgotten as he lives in my heart and every one elses. Heads High! And Thank You All!

  9. Wasn’t able to attend the wake/funeral but my parents did and knew his folks – sending my condolences to the family and may ryan R.I.P. At one point I worked at the same place as him but different shifts so I never really got the chance to know him. I remember his father showing mine the ecto-1 x-mas ornament from hallmark last year that had sold out. Sending out my regards.

  10. Very sad news, thoughts go out to the family. Sounded like a great job was done on giving him a proper send off. Very sad indeed :-( RIP

  11. I too was a good friend of Ryans and stumbled upon this site while searching for his service times. He was a hilarious guy and a huge fan and I’m sure he would appreciate the shout outs from fellow ghostheads. Thanks guys.

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