Cross the Streams #17 online now!

Hit their site to grab the episode.

Show 17
Intro/Monologue with Jason Fitzsimmons
Roundtable with Guests

Matty announces upcoming All-Star Sale
Club Ecto-1 2012 memberships on sale Friday, July 22nd
Yes, there was going to be an Extreme Ghostbusters toy of Garrett
Yet another rock cover for upcoming IDW Ghostbusters series revealed
Golden Ghost Awards wrap up
Alabama Ghostbusters hosting tornado relief auction + Ghostbusters 2 screening
GBNews + Spook Central gets mentioned on Hustler Press Release
Aykroyd tweets: Back to work on GB3

Commercials-Twin City Ghostbusters/Alabama Ghostbusters Podcast
Goodbyes/Contact info/Farewell to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

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