Nathan Fillion: Ghostbuster (but not how you think)

The Hollywood Reporter is at Comic-Con this weekend (and why wouldn’t they, the con now being super movie heavy) and sat down with Nathan Fillion to talk about the upcoming season of his hit show, Castle. The article talks a lot about what’s to come, where certain story lines may be headed, and at least one spoiler, if you haven’t caught up on the seasons. Like me. The things I suffer for this site…

But of particular interest to ghostheads is this little nugget;

What can people expect in Season 4? A special Halloween episode, which will be Ghostbusters-themed. In the second episode of the new season, there’s going to be one “with a bit of a superhero theme. I thought that might excite you, it excites me.”

Well now… I’m just going to have to get caught up on those seasons, aren’t I?

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