StickerYou Summer Sale! Last 2 days for 20% Ghostbusters and PC stickers!

You may or may not have tried the Proton Charging / StickerYou widget, which allows you to pick the exact Ghostbusters stickers you want, lay them out exactly where and what size you want, and have the final vinyl, die-cut stickers mailed directly to your house.

If you have, you know how cool they are. If you haven’t you should check them out. But today, and until August 1st, StickerYou is having a 20% sale! And to entice you to try this widget out, I’m uploading four Proton Charging designs that you can include in your sticker order!

1) Right-click and save any of the images below to your computer (you can use your own images too!)
2) Head to the StickerYou / ProtonCharging widget. It will automatically bring up StickerYou’s official Ghostbusters sticker set for you to choose from, but you can also click Upload to add the Proton Charging images as stickers. You can also pick stickers from the thousands of other designs they have available!
3) Drag and drop the designs you want onto the black sheet – re-size them and put them wherever you like on the page! Mix-and-match to your heart’s content!
4) Make more sheets if you want and when you’re ready, Check-out. During the last step of the check-out process, use the code;


…to get 20% off your order!
5) Wait patiently for your awesome new stickers to arrive in the mail!

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