Cross the Streams podcast episode 18 is live!

In this special edition of ‘Cross the Streams Radio Show,’ Long Island Ghostbuster Fernando Hernandez and Sam Swōpe from the Steel City Ghostbusters host Episode 18. This episode contains a very inside look into the Ghostbusters 2 Film as Robin Shelby aka Slimer from Ghostbusters 2 will be interviewed and join us for a roundtable discussion! We go behind the scenes of Ghostbusters 2 with Robin to hear what it was like to become Slimer, how it’s effected her career and what it was like to goof around with Ghostbusters Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray. Fernando and Sam are joined along with Cross the Streams Radio Show’s creators Brendan Mertens & Matt Prov, and’s Webmaster Jason Fitzsimmons.

Click here to head over and download the episode.


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