Castle producer hopes for Aykroyd Halloween cameo, Frasier writer to script.

During the San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that ABC’s cop-mystery, Castle, will have a Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode. At the time, the appearance of any Ghostbusters stars was all enthusiastic speculation based around producer Laurie Zaks` quoted hope that she could get one of the original Ghostbusters on the show.

What can people expect in Season 4? A special Halloween episode, which will be Ghostbusters-themed. Executive producer Laurie Zaks said later to reporters that she hoped they could have one of the original Ghostbusters appear.

Yesterday, TV Guide`s Keck`s Exclusives column revived the story thus;

This season, Castle will mark the holidays in a big way. “We’re planning a Ghostbusters-themed episode to air on Halloween night,” reports executive producer Laurie Zaks. Who’s she gonna call to offer a guest role? Original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, of course.

It`s impossible to tell if this is drawn from the Comic-Con coverage a couple of weeks back, or Keck actually talking to Zaks, which people are to infer (probably by design) by the lack of any sort of clarification. It`s also not clear if she actually said she wants Dan Ayrkoyd to cameo or if it`s Keck`s pick (not an unreasonable – I think pretty much everyone immediately thinks of Dan as the perfect candidate, with Ernie Hudson as a close second), but regardless, the article is clear on one thing;

No offer has been made.

Not that this has stopped the follow-up by entertainment sites from changing a maybe into a definite. Screen Rant and TV Fanatic have both lifted their news from Keck, but in the translation, maybe became an absolutely – this may be academic, as said above, Ayrkoyd is a solid pick. The man loves ever chance to show Hollywood how much people love Ghostbusters. But he`s also a busy man, so until there`s a confirmation, this one should simmer for awhile.

In another interview producer Zaks`talked a bit about the new writing staff on the show, and confirmed that Malcolm in the Middle and Fraiser writer Rob Hanning will be scripting the Ghostbusters episode. You can`t go wrong letting a comedy writer handle the comedy homage.

Are there new writers on the table too?
Laurie Zaks: Yeah, two new writers. One of them was in the panel here today, Christine Boylan, who is a wonderful young writer who comes from Leverage and was on Off the Map last year. Everybody wanted her, and I used a personal relationship. I worked with her husband, who just wrote Final Destination that was here, and also The Thing. And also Rob Hanning, who’s also a wonderful writer who comes from the comedy world. Rob was on Frasier for ten years so he’s really terrific. It’s a good staff. Rob is doing the Ghostbusters episode, Christine is percolating on hers.

Stay tuned!

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