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Ghostbusters commerical – uncut, with extra comedy

By on Sep 29, 2011 in GB | 0 comments

YouTube has yielded some gems today – this time, it’s the Ghostbusters “We’re ready to believe you” television commercial in it’s entirety, by itself (not playing on a TV.) What makes it extra awesome is Egon’s pained attempt at a smile (which actually looks human in the movie, when it’s on a little TV screen) and EYE...

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Ghostheads! Aykroyd signings in Arizona & Ohio in October!

By on Sep 28, 2011 in FANS | 0 comments

Don’t forget, he’ll also be in Las Vegas near the end of the month, but before then you can catch him in Fairfield, OH on October 17th at Jungle Jim’s (see below or follow link for more info). Also, it was posted on the Crystal Head website, there will be a signing at the Sam’s Club in Glendale, AZ on Sunday, October 2nd – you...

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I ain’t afraid of no nameless horror.

By on Sep 27, 2011 in ART, FANS, MERCH | 0 comments

New and particularly awesome t-shirt is now available for pre-order. The seller is a friend, so I can vouch for him. In fact, I was there when he doodled up the idea! Show the world that you’re ready to trade in your sanity to try and save the world from unspeakable terror! The t-shirts come in an impressive variety of sizes, and start at $30, which includes...

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Inflated Slimer costume!

By on Sep 27, 2011 in MERCH | 0 comments

Sure, the Mr. Stay Puft is pretty cool, but it takes a special someone to step into a Slimer outfit. 80s have listed this Slimer costume, which can be yours for a mere $60 (which is oddly more expensive than the full body Stay Puft). The item will likely be available everywhere you like to shop for Halloween...

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