Chicago-style Ecto-Cooler makes it big on Internets

If you follow PC on Facebook, you’ll recall awhile back we posted a link to Dan Shannon, of the Chicago Division Ghostbusters, and his as-good-as recreation recipe for Ecto-Cooler. Well, that recipe is getting a lot of attention lately.

For starters, the CDGB’s posted a video how-to on the drink, which ended up on Fark, which in turn put it basically on everyone general interest pop culture webblog out there.

Earlier in the week, Dan sent in this clip of Brad Jones of Cinema Snobs trying their recipe out at Flashback Weekend.

What can I tell you – more and more the verdict on the recipe is coming in as “Holy crap, that’s perfect!” So, try it out for yourself before the Summer weather packs it in entirely.

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