Holidays are comin’! First look at Hallmark Stay-Puft and new Halloween card!

First up, Geek Mom got her hands on the Hallmark 2011 holiday sneak peeks, a catalog of upcoming holiday items of note for collectors. I do love this year’s Back to the Future DeLorean, and it’s hard to beat the singing Ecto from previous years, but the Mr. Stay Puft ornament is going to be THE Christmas wish boutique item this year.

The bad news? This little fella doesn’t come out until 2012! So obviously, no details on price yet.
[VIA Ghostbusters Mania]

But don’t fret – here’s something you can get at Hallmark stores RIGHT NOW! A new Ghostbusters Halloween card – big thanks to Brian for sending in the pictures. I’m trying to get more details – it looks like it plays music, which would fit, as they’ve licensed the music, having used it in the Ecto ornament and previous Halloween cards. There’s even a single fold version you can buy online, which has the music and sells for $5.99. Better yet, you can personalize it! I have no confirmed price on the double fold card. Stay tuned! Brian says the card he bought was $5.99 as well and does play the music! Thanks, Brian!

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