Ghostbusters gets theatrical release this October! [UPDATE]

Well, this is interesting news. Park Circus, a distribution middleman for old movies – hang on, let me cover this first, then I’ll carry on…

Films, provided there’s a copy to show, can always be shown in theaters, you just have to pay for the public viewing rights. This isn’t a huge amount of money, so typically studios can’t be bothered to handle the logistics of this – this is why you occasionally see a big deal being made about the Godfather having a re-release to theaters on an anniversary – that’s actually the studio stamping a clean and shiny new print, and releasing it into a single screen in bigger towns. As a re-release, they can take a cut of the first few weeks admissions, as is typical, but mostly they’re looking to make money hyping the franchise and getting you to buy home video, etc.

This is where sub-distributors come in – a lot of these are companies that have collected old prints of a film and are loaning them out. Some just handle the public license and its up to the exhibitor to find a print (this is a more recent thing, when a lot of theaters are fine with running a DVD or Blu-ray copy.)

OK, now to carry on – Park Circus has announced today that they are making a re-issue of Ghostbusters available to exhibitors this October. This is eye-brow raising, as Park Circus appears to be more specialized as a distributor, in that every year they pick one or two films in their catalogs, make new prints as well as promotional materials. This is not the same as a studio re-releasing a film, but it does have some similarities, like the clean new prints – Ghostbusters is an obvious choice, as ever year, it’s repertoire screenings grow, so a new print is a good investment for the company.

So where will it be screening? Good question. Park Circus made the announcement just today, and are likely just now finalizing exhibitors. It is available to theaters worldwide, so it could show up in your town. More details to come so stay tuned.

Thanks to Todd of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia for the link.

A bit more movement on this – the day after we posted the news from the distributor, the official Sony Ghostbusters facebook page went from a zombie page to lots of activity, with the admins posting lots of as-if-they-were-real Ghostbusters posts about big things coming, ultimately leading to the release of the Ghostbusters trailer with the October re-release news at the end.

Plus, IGN’s #1 Ghostbusters fan, Greg Miller, is as excited as you’d expect.

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