Christopher Maldonado was a ghosthead.

Sad news out of California today – Chris Maldonado, co-founder of the Inland Empire Ghostbusters, passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack. He was in hospital at the time, having been admitted a couple of days earlier feeling poorly. I didn’t know Christopher other than in passing through his team and on the GBFans boards and I’m not sure of his age, but it’s easy to see in photos that he was far too young. It’s also clear that he loved the time his team spent out amoung the community and that his passing is a great loss to more than just his family and friends.

All our thoughts and condolences to his loved ones and teammates.

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  1. Chris was also an artist. He drew amazingly well even since 2nd grade, when I first met him. I still have the line drawing of the Power Rangers’ mastodon he made for me on my birthday back then. We were only 8 years old or so, and he was already an artist. Drawing came as natural to Christ as breathing. Even in Physics class later in High School, he was doodling away (intense doodles… full on drawings in a matter of minutes). A passionate, kind guy with a great sense of humor–always cracking a joke or playfully poking fun (usually at me). He could also be keenly observant and serious. A great guy with a great family and a generous heart.

  2. Chris was a sweet guy. He was schoolmate at ERAU. He was studious and hardworking.

    In between classes, I saw him contributing his time and effort working on school grounds.

    I was very sad to hear of his passing.

    R.I.P. MALDONADO. I am pleased to have known you.

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