Cross the Streams XX

God help us when they get to episode 30 – though I think I know what the show’s theme should be.

Show 20
Intro with Matt Prov
Roundtable Guests: Tristan Jones, Todd Whalen, Jason Fitzsimmons and Sam Swope.

We Grill Tristan Jones on the latest IDW News on the GB Monthly Comic
13 Ghosts of Hallowe’en
Matty Trap Arrives…did they bite off too much than they can chew? (we compare the Trap to the PKE Meter).
Ontario Ghostbusters attend Dan Aykroyd signing
GB Screenings Worldwide
Up-Coming Controversial GB Monthly Comic Book Character
AMT Re-Releasing the Ecto-1A Model
IDW GB Monthly Comic Timeline
Will IDW eventually go to Extreme Ghostbusters?
IDW’s Monthly Ghostbusters Comic Book Continuity

Matt Prov interviews Jason Mewes
Wrap Up & Goodbyes


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