Wanted: Proton Charging editors [No more please – extremely big response]

[UPDATE] For the moment, I have to ask that no one else toss their hat into the ring – I got a way bigger response than I anticipated, and you’re all really solid applicants. I expected a handful and most would have some horrible spelling issue that I could take into account and excuse them. Instead I feel like I’m putting together a supergroup, with enough left over for another supergroup. So my apologies, I would take you all if I could – as it is, I have a sizable team coming on board. Perhaps more than I can handle – or maybe it’ll be exactly what PC needs, and if people move on, as happens, I know I’ve got some excellent alternates ready to step up.

I have to do some organizing and orientation now, but in the next few days, I’ll see about going live with this. No time like the present, right? Plus, it’ll keep me from chickening out like some sort of nerdy hermit who just wants to be alone in his cave.

Thanks again to everyone that wrote me, I think I replied to everyone. For a brief moment I thought about starting a second site, just so I didn’t have to cut anyone out.


I think this has come up before, but fizzled. But it’s been a busy couple of years and some adjustments are required in order to keep PC truckin’ along.

Long and the short of it is I need some back-up.

In the last decade and a half everything about Ghostbusters has changed – the niche that Proton Charging was designed to fill is now more than adequately addressed by scores of websites, both Ghostbusters specific and entertainment in general, with a Google alert. This is not to mention social media, which can fling news around inside of an hour – when Proton Charging went to Facebook and Twitter, readership of the main site dropped to half. Which is fine – Facebook is all the same info, in some cases more info, than the main site in a place that people frequent daily for everything to do with their lives, not just Ghostbusters. It makes sense. Plus Proton Charging doesn’t have a message board, so really, readership is based on whether you want all of your Ghostbusters news on one website, or tied into your social media preferences.

The thing is, Proton Charging was started when gathering Ghostbusters news was hard – and hard meant there wasn’t a lot of it. The time commitment was inversely proportional to how hard I had to work to get it. It also made it easier to provide features and editorial content – these days, it’s a task just to collect and post the basic news. Look at it this way – five years ago, a Ghostbusters t-shirt, official or otherwise, was big news. Last year alone there were dozens of tee shirts revealed.

Now, I don’t want to stop with PC, but maintaining it has become an increased time sink, and this is in combination with my non-GB life also seeing increased demands on my time. I can’t do it all and do any of it justice. I certainly enjoy the immediacy of the social media side of things and want to keep doing that, but I’d like more opportunity to pursue the GB Projects list, which has suffered over the years, as I’m GB burnt out by the time I update through a day’s worth of stuff. And honestly, seeing as Proton Charging has done it’s primary job – that is, find and inform GB fans everywhere – that I continue trying to be the only voice of the site seems a little odd.

So, I need volunteers (PC is a negative profit venture, but that’s on me – volunteers aren’t being asked to help pay the webhosting bill, etc.) who are literate, with a certain amount of curiosity that compels them to dig a little deeper than the first report they read, and are massive Ghostbusters fans (meaning, this 15 minutes a day – less depending on how many people come aboard – appeals to you as a fan. Providing info to fellow fans brings you a certain measure of pride, instead of becoming something you become bored with later.)

What does being a PC editor provide a person?
– A ProtonCharging.com email address. (number of live pc.com emails to date… one, mine)
– A visible editorship on ProtonCharging.com (meaning, when you post, it’s attributed to you)
– PC swag. When I make new buttons, etc., you’re top of the list, for frees.
– Non-PC swag. It’s not often, but occasionally free-stuff comes in to PC, usually requiring a review or contest. When that happens, I’m happy to spread that around.
– Your content. I’ve talked about writing a book, but I’m not going to do it using your posts. Those are yours.
– Some small amount of cool cache in the fan community (you will be shocked at how few of the newer waves of fans are aware of PC, but someone may buy you a beer one day.) It also acts as a badge of honor – there are a lot of Ghostbusters fans out there. These days, A LOT of Ghostbusters fans. But those attached to PC is a very small club.
– Cards. I figure it’s overdue.

What doesn’t being a PC editor provide a person?
– Money. It’s a fairly self-sufficient system that requires little money in, and thus nothing out really. But should money come in one day, fair’s fair.

What do you need to do to apply?
– I have no idea. I think basically you contact me and convince me that you’re the man or woman (I’m not saying there’s a gender bias at play when selecting candidates, but equal representation between the sexes would be fantastic) for (one of) the jobs. Then it’s a probationary period where you walk the walk – at the end of which, or earlier, depending, spazzes and those that cannot cut it are excised and the strong survive. I do not expect this to happen – I expect I’ll see some solid individuals stepping up, I will pick the top picks, and all will be well. I only mention the possibility of flunking out, so as to put a mild fear of Zod into those looking to apply.

Any rules?
– No rules. This isn’t a contest. This is men opening up a website I have run solo for nearing two decades. I will act arbitrarily as I see fit to keep things suitably “Proton Charging” – that said, I’m not exactly a tyrant, so that last part sounds more ominous than it is – I simply mean, I’m shaking things up, I’m not tossing it all overboard.

So, that’s about it. I need some breathing room, so I can focus on some features and overhauling the site, but I’m not looking for people to pick up the entire load. I may retain ownership of the site, and in a weird, nerdy way, the brand that I have developed, but I’m looking for co-editors to work with, not sub-editors to do the work for me.

If you think that’s you, contact me.

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