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[UPDATE: Ghost Trap Sold Out, thanks Sam for the heads up!]

If you haven’t gotten a Ghost Trap from MattyCollector or are eager to get more, definitely swing by their page today to pick one (or up to 99) up! A lot cheaper than buying one on eBay, that’s for sure!

Other figures are on sale as well, including the Mr. Stay-Puft figure.

Thanks to the Disney Ghostbusters group on Facebook and the always awesome Louisiana Ghostbusters for the heads up! Feel free to post any more deals you find down below in the comments field.


  1. already sold out on the traps, hope everyone moved fast. Does anyone know if the PKE will pop back up?

  2. Goddamn it!

  3. DAMN!

  4. I really, really hate Matty Collector’s self-inflated value. It’s not like they’re making Chippendale chairs here, they’re doing made-in-China plastic toy props, spurring an industry where people buy up their ten, then resell on Ebay for ridiculous profits. So frustrating.

  5. @Nick

    couldnt agree with you more, I saw someone bidding on the pke meter on ebay for 235….its like really people the thing cost 60 dollars. I dont care how good it was, and the trap you can buy up to 99 of them…unreal

  6. Mattel lets people do that purposely. It’s sickening and frustrating. Where the hell did they even advertise this Cyber Monday sale? How did anyone know?

  7. Right on about the prices. Can you imagine what the Matty Proton Pack will cost?
    And I know Ima prick for nickpicking but for the money I paid for the Ghost Trap I was expecting better detail in the doors than a stick on decal. I dont mean to be a bitch but for the cost, come on… (the Trap is still so badass I still cant believe it, regardless)

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