Ernie Hudson is a coward! CBS sneaks in surprise GB cameo.

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After ABC’s much-hyped, but less than impressive “Ghostbusters” Halloween episode of Castle (in the end, it turned out to be a one-liner, no cameo), CBS snuck this bit of awesome by us on last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. heheh. That just reminded me of Egon attacking Peck. He’s all, “Your mother!” and…. never mind, watch the clip.

The episode, as a whole, is not a bad one, though if you haven’t been watching from previous seasons, you might not be able to make sense of all of the character interactions, but like most episodes, it’s self contained.

Big big thanks to Clay for the heads up on this one.

Minions of Gozer Opening Weekend draws Sold Out Crowd at the IFC Center.

(Ryan Espin is Associate Producer for the Minions of Gozer. This was written in a mostly almost unbiased way.)

An eager crowd await getting into the sold out show at the IFC Center.

A recreation of the famous sliming scene at the IFC Center. Not only was Dr. Venkman slimed, the audience got some on them as well.

The Minions of Gozer, a live Ghostbusters shadowcast, performed their debut performance to an excited sold out crowd at the IFC Center in New York City last weekend.

Following the traditions of Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight performances, a live rendition of the film was recreated on the stage as well as scenes that aren’t shown on screen (Egon trying to drilling a hole through his head). The audience recreated parts as well, such as tossing index cards in the air as a terrified librarian runs through the aisles, or throwing candy hearts at Dr. Ray Stantz, the heart of the Ghostbusters.

The Minions of Gozer was created by Angela Williams last year, and the debut performance was directed by Eryn Roberts, who also appeared as the show’s Janine and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Feats of daring do, as Dana is lifted high above the screen.

Walter Peck after being pantsed on stage.

For more information, be sure to visit the Minions of Gozer website.

Time to Decorate Your Firehouse with Great GB Art!

With the holidays coming a lot sooner than my wallet can handle, I always like to make sure to make the place look nice when family comes by. And I’m in a Ghostbuster art feeling, and I’m not just talking about art made by one of the Fettucini’s.

Here are 4 pieces being sold on right now for $42 a piece (you’ll need a membership to to purchase these):

Couple of Wavy Lines by Marz Jr.

They Hate This by Marz Jr.
Stack Books Like This by Marz Jr.
Is This the Ghostbuster by Marz Jr.

And that’s not all the GB art around! Gallery 1988 is selling art from their current exhibition “Please Post Bills: an art tribute to a comedic legend.”

Here’s some of my favorites:

Clark Orr "Strange Neighborhood"

Jude Buffum "Ugly Little Spud"

If you’re in Los Angelese, be sure to stop by. Just make sure not to get caught taking photographs, as I’m sure Janosz will kindly show you the way to the gift shop.

Have anymore GB art that no place should be without? Post below in the comments!