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Last minute gift shopping can be tricky but, this Ghostbuster shopping guide should be able to help you out.

Here is a small of list of items out there that you may add to the holiday shopping (or Santa) list.

The Real Ghostbusters animated series. One of the best animated series of the 1980s (if not all time) is now available and helps bring you back to your childhood. I guess it’s time to dust off those old Kenner toys.

Proton Pack, the backpack. Who knew a thrower could hold a cell phone and pens? This nifty item is $39.99 on Amazon and is hard to find in stores.

Slimer Sours. Why not add some retro looking candy to that stalking?

Ghostbusters Slime Pants: Open presents in style.


No Ghost Pint Glass. Don’t you wish you could drink ecto-cooler in this?

Trap with logo skinny tie. Be dressy and nerdy at the same time.

Ghostbuster key caps (in-store only). Cover that Cadillac key!

“3D” Stay Puft belt buckle (in-store only).

Stay Puft pillow buddy (in-store only).

Thanks to Joseph Mays for the pics!


Gift the movies for electronic download right on their iPad, iPhone or computer.

Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles

Stay Puft Bank. Pretty much the coolest bank I’ve ever seen.

Minimates. LEGO, watch your back.

Toys R Us

The Real Ghostbusters retro-action figures.

Movie poster. Add some slime to that empty wall. You can even have it shipped framed.

Baby blue logo shirt. Just like the one people wave at the end of the first film.

Inflatable Stay Puft lawn decoration. Because it’s just damn cool.

You can’t go wrong with anything made by MattyCollector. From realistic action figures to movie replica PKE Meters and traps, Matty makes some really good stuff. Check out their store for many cool toys.

To be fair, there are a lot more items out there. These just happen to be some of my favorites. Feel free to share yours in the comments section below.

Happy Shopping.


  1. I invested in a few of those Slimer Sours over the Hallowe’en festivities. Be warned…they will certainly erode even the toughest molar enamel. So for future advice, avoid grazing on the tin.

    Keep it for storing…things. Or just annoying those guys at airport security check-in..?

  2. That’s lame that Spencers doesn’t carry the Pillow Pal Stay Puft anymore online. I just bought it over Black Friday weekend off their website and now it’s no longer listed? Weird. Anyway, it’s pretty dang awesome, so I highly recommend tracking one down :)

  3. Anyone know how much the pint glass is at the brick&mortar Spencer’s?

  4. amazon has the claw machine plush dolls. definitely wanna get the slimer. i love how he looks like the old kenner slimer.

  5. Yeah, I know! So weird, right? Yet they can’t do Stay Puft like that (I always thought it was a licensing issue, but…?)…btw, my sister got me a plush Egon for my birthday last month (finally arrived yesterday). It’s cool b/c I don’t think I would have tried playing the claw machine, although I’m not sure my local Walmart or ??? even has them in their machines anymore…but yeah…

  6. The light up Stay Puft is AWESOME, BTW. I’ve been salivating for one since I saw one at my local comic shop. The box is the key, but $60+ ain’t too easy for me to come by…

  7. Wow. That’s not at all bad for such a handy piece of GB merch. I gotta remember to make my way through there when I get some dough in a few dayz.

  8. That Stay Puft pillow looks like he’s jonesing for his next fix..

  9. Theres some seriously awesome stuff there. Does anyone have a complete list of everything gb?

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