Hostess Brands files for Chapter 11, again. Says Twinkies are fine…

In 2004 Interstate Bakeries (corporate holders of the Hostess brand name) filed for Chapter 11 – there was a whole bunch of restructuring, a new CEO named, etc. The usual bankruptcy stuff. The company survived and renamed itself Hostess Brands. Now Hostess Brands is filing for Chapter 11. But if the last time is any indication, this doesn’t mean the instant death of Egon’s beloved Twinkies. Even if the company does die, the brands are assets, which will be likely sold off, and another company will continue making them. But still… hard to believe it’s been so long since the first movie, whole corporations have changed shape a dozen times, and might even fall.

You can read up on the current story here, and the history of Hostess here.

Also, I couldn’t help myself;


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