Underground Toys reveal three sizes of plush Slimer!

Underground Toys, who make the lions share of GB merch these days (mugs, glasses, cufflinks, keychains, and of course plush toys, etc.) have revealed their upcoming plush Slimer at New York’s Toy Fair. Like last year’s plush Stay-Puft, the Slimer comes in a medium (approx. 10″) size that plays “movie sounds” when you squeeze him (the Stay-Puft played the theme song) and a small, plush sized, non-singing dolls with a clip, suitable for your backpack, etc.

The big surprise, in most every sense, are the large sized dolls, both for Slimer and Stay-Puft. These look more like 15″ or bigger, but just like their tiny cousins, they feature “movie sounds.” Check the photos below to have a look and stay tuned!

[VIA Awesome Toy Blog]

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