The Porch in Key West, FL, loves Ghostbusters.

Dan Schwab shared this awesome picture he did for The Porch, a bar in Key West. Here’s his explanation;

There is a haunted bar called “The Porch”, here in Key West and they enjoy cool 1980’s stuff, like I do. So I did this little bit of art for them, as GB is my all-time fave flick.

The glasses often fly off the racks, (I don’t believe in ghosts, but I have seen it. I’m sure there is a rational explanation.) And I have Winston watching coins drop out of nowhere, because Dr. Porter, who owned the mansion the bar is in, used to take coins as his payment when he treated locals for Yellow Fever, and now coins show up out of nowhere, (supposedly).

If you find yourself down here in the Southernmost city, you’ll see this pic on the wall of the Porter Mansion’s bar, “The Porch.”

Nice work, Dan!

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