Minions of Gozer contest! One week to enter! Win tickets!

So, we’re coming up quick on the Minons of Gozer Ghostbusters shadowcast – March 23rd and March 24th at the IFC in New York. And the MoG have kindly offered up some goodies.

We have;

1 pair of tickets to the Friday, March 23rd show!
1 pair of tickets to the Saturday, March 24th show!
(you must live near New York or be willing to travel to win these, please)

And for everyone outside the New York area, you can win a MoG No Trepanning t-shirt!

HOW DO I ENTER? Easy – info after the jump.

I WANT TO ATTEND THE SHOW – email Proton Charging here
(must arrange own travel)

I WANT THE T-SHIRT – email Proton Charging here

I will draw names from the two pools by next Wednesday and let the winners know!

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