Cross the Streams Radio Show: Episode 22

Ever wonder who the actor was that played the unforgettable Statue of Liberty in Ghostbusters 2? Well the wait is over! In our second episode of 2012, we catch sit down with actor Jim Fye , and we find out what was originally planned for the Titanic scene. After our interview with Jim, we chat with Robin about her thoughts on the new Slimer decorations and we get everyone’s thoughts on the recent GB3 Media Hype. Other guests on the roundtable are Steel City Ghostbuster Sam Swope and Georgia Ghostbusters, Chace Ambrose.
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Show 22
Intro with Matt Prov – Wizard World Toronto Announcements
Roundtable Guests: Jim Fye, Robin Shelby, Sam Swope and Chace Ambrose.

Questions with Jim:
What made you decide to get into the film industry?
How did GB2 come about for yourself and what was the audition process like?
How do you prepare for your role in GB2?
Were any of the characters you played physically challenging, due to all the heavy prosthetics? Was there one character that was more challenging than the others?
Did you ever think over 20 years later, you’d be talking to GB Fans aka Ghostheads about their fixation with the film franchise?
When did you start to get recognized online by people like ourselves, who are fixated on the GB film?
Were you satisfied with how GB played out with both critics and audiences?
What is the best advice you have ever been given as an actor?

Round Table Topics:
Nerdy Show sits down with Dan Aykroyd
PKE Meter coming back to
Preview of new Slimer decorations
This is how Kylie COULD have looked in Extreme Ghostbusters
This is how Egon COULD have looked in Extreme Ghostbusters
St. Patty’s Day – Sam’s Adventure
Bill Murray says “NO!” to GB3…so says Dan Aykroyd.

Matt Prov Goodbyes

We hope everyone enjoys the latest episode and if there are any questions, concerns, comments, or if you’d like to come on the show, please email:

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