This morning’s WTF news – LA casting call for GB body-doubles?

This popped up on Imgur/Reddit today, a screengrab for a casting call in LA for photo-doubles of each of the four Ghostbusters. The listing is for an un-named re-release (though as it specifically asked for people who look like the four actors like they did in Ghostbusters, it not hard to sort out what movie they mean.) But body-doubles why? A new movie needs name actors, not cattle-call actors. Body-doubles are a specific function – they have to look like someone. The only thing I can think of is re-shoots for that 3D refurbishment of the first Ghostbusters we haven’t heard about in awhile. My money is on this for the time being. For the curious, I did find the listing on the casting website.

What do you think? Any guesses?

Why so sad? Plenty of all-new Ghostbusters on the way…

Ghostbusters #6 Cover

Ghostbusters #6 CoverPeaks and valleys of Ghostbusters III news got you down? It’s okay, kids – that’s Hollywood. Welcome to our every day rollercoaster of emotions out here in Tinseltown. But here’s something that you can take comfort in knowing: there’s plenty of new and unexplored Ghostbusters material on the horizon if IDW’s most recent issue has anything to say about it.

As you no doubt gathered from my near (okay totally) gushing look at Ghostbusters #3, I’ve been a huge fan of the on-going series since day one, and the creative team behind the book hasn’t let up since. The quality of issue six is on par with the previous installments and continues weaving the threads introduced in issue five. Plenty of in-jokes and references are still abound but just as in the previous five issues, aren’t distracting and overly in your face. In fact, the addition of a certain “guest star” character fits in seamlessly and doesn’t feel forced. It actually opens up the storytelling to allow Burnham and the rest of the creative team to infuse stories that have been left needing to be told and sets this on-going series into a cool and exciting canon where the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see who else shows up in every panel. Continue reading “Why so sad? Plenty of all-new Ghostbusters on the way…”

Well, at least she’s still in.

Recently in Toronto promoting her upcoming show GCB, Annie Potts was a guest on local radio station CHUM FM.

“When asked about Ghostbusters 3, Annie said, “I saw the director not to long ago, his feeling was positive that it was going to happen. I just hope it happens in a time when I am on a break form GCB, because I would love to resurrect the secretary.”