XMG demos Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast at PAX East! Exclusive pics! Game details!

XMG, who announced their augmented reality game for mobile phones last month, at at the Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston, and they are showing off the game – now officially titled Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast – to the crowds!

International Release Date: Summer 2012

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS, Android

Hop’ in your jumpsuit, strap on your proton packs and get ready for some serious ghostbustin’ action!

With the launch of Ghostbusters, XMG is once again pushing the envelope of mobile games. By paring an exciting augmented reality battle system with location-based features, the gamer is fully immersed in real-time battle against ghastly ghosts. Equipped with proton guns and other amped-up equipment, the player can capture paranormal menaces like a true Ghostbuster. The location-based feature enables the players to interact with their surroundings and catch site-specific ghosts, like library or subway ghosts. The deep social integration will encourage players to get active and involved with friends and other Ghostbuster fans. For example, team up with other Ghosbusters to capture special kinds of paranormal menaces or trade captured ghosts online. While locking up ghosts for good the player will gain experience points to upgrade equipment (ghost traps, ECTO goggles, PKE and GIGA meters and much more) and free the world from the fiendish, ectoplasmic creatures forever!

If you’re at the expo, there’s a Ghostbusters gathering being put on by XMG, Saturday, April 7th.

We Are throwing an Exclusive Ghostbusters party in Boston for PAX east

– Saturday April 7th
– 9:30 Pm until 1:30 Am
– MJ o’conners at The Park Plaza

Look for us at PAX for exclusive green wristbands to Guarantee your entry.

XMG sent us some pics, showing off more of the game in action, including an exclusive PAX Slimer, that people will be able to hunt and bust at the show only – Slimer will be cap-less in the final game.

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