New details on Inflatable Lawn Slimer and floating party decoration!, purveyors of all manner of Halloween stuffs, listed a couple of new items a couple of months back – an inflatable Slimer lawn decoration (similar to its Stay-puft cousin that came out last year) and a neat Slimer decorative light (he floats around the room!) Details were sparse at the time, but HC has sent us some particulars!

Click the thumbnail images to see the full-sized pics!

Ghostbusters Floating Slimer decoration: Eyes light up, glows in the dark, floats on cord and plays movie music. Price: $42.99.

Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable decoration: 6 ft tall, approx 3 ft for arm span. Includes fan, strings and stakes. Plugs in. Price: $128.99.

Both items are currently making their way to and are expected to be in stock August 3rd (lots of time to get one or both for Halloween!), though that may shift slightly, depending on the usual unforeseen circumstances that can happen.

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