New line of Stay Puft Marshmallows released.

I hope you got your caffeinated Stay-Puft Marshmallows, the ones produced by Omni Consumer Products, as it looks like they aren’t being produced any more, and a new line of marshmallow treats have been released this month.

The Parallax Corporation sent a brief email with a link to the website for the collectors box of mini-marshmallows they are producing in conjunction with Sony. In short, each box is about 142g of mini-marshmallows, about 45 mini-pufts, and features a double sided-collectors box (meaning, like the last set, you’ll want to keep them) with happy Stay-Puft on one side and angry Stay-Puft on the other (both set pieces of art from the Sony style guide.)

You can buy a box through ThinkGeek (as before) for the price of $7.99 plus shipping (which seems a lot, but it was 20 bucks plus shipping for 177g of the last kind, so they’re a much better deal, particularly if the box is half-way decent) – speaking of which, ThinkGeek no longer has a listing for the OCP caffeinated marshmallows, which is why we suspect they are no longer producing them (that and the fact that another company seems to have the license now), so if you missed out, you’ll have to look to independent sellers through Amazon or Ebay. Lucky for us, Stay-Puft Marshmallows in general aren’t gone, as we have these new ones to buy (and unlike the previous, square ones, these marshmallows are in the traditional mallowy shape.)

One last thing – unlike the last marshmallows, ThinkGeek has a notice that the new Stay-Pufts can’t be shipped outside the US! Booo! So, if you’re in Canada, Mexico, the UK or Europe and beyond, you’d better find an American friend.

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