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  • Alert the Angry Video Game Nerd! JAAAAAAMES!
    Alert the Angry Video Game Nerd! JAAAAAAMES!

    Brian Theling's Ghostbusters The Video Game Retro Recreation
    Paul here… A few years ago Brian Theling e-mailed me about the possibility of modding Ghostbusters: The Video Game. I told him that while there are tools to extract the assets from the game files, there doesn't exist the tools to put new assets back in. So, in short, it wasn't possible. The best he could do was make use the GBVG game assets to make a completely new game using the same story and characters. Like maybe, "Ghostbusters: The Video Game – The 2D Side-Scrolling Version"! Not that that would be legal; just that it would be the most possible thing to do. Brian had the idea to "rebuild the game from scratch, remove the blatant IP (for legal reasons) and then offer PC multiplayer support, by fans for fans." He concluded that e-mail by saying that "no matter what happens I will be making a silly GB:TVG inspired flash game in the future." Well, that's indeed what Brian did…or is doing, I should say. I just received the following e-mail from Brian, along with the screenshots you see in this gallery. Feel free to post your comments and opinions here, and I'll try to get Brian to see them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a few years but I've made some great progress on the GB-inspired Flash game. Attached please find some screen captures. I have pixel versions of each of the 12 levels from GBTVG:Multiplayer and most of the ghosts. I thought it might be amusing to make the game generic enough without trodding on Sony's IP too much, though this will simply be a fan game, added to my portfolio to show off some game programming skills. If you are interested, I can send you a live link and you can test it out, though many of the budget/insurance features have yet to be finalized. The ghost capturing works well enough, though. I've built more of a running-a-business sim aspect to it as well. This is because it was a part of the original commode 64 version of the game that I thought was valuable… also it validates me spending so much personal time on it so that I can show it's value to those who are not fans of Ghostbusters! Of course Flash is semi-dead now, but that hasn't deterred me… in fact it's perfect because it speaks to the antiquated nature of pixel games! To future projects: I've accepted the fate that some day in the future Xbox Live will go dark and with it, the only truly playable GB game setup ever made, namely the skirmish mode of GB:TVG online which unluckily needs to be connected online to use (even though it's perfectly good to play single player!) My thoughts on that are as follows: – We don't have the source code for the game. That's okay. – We do have a number of game engines now much more accessible to the indie developer. I've been looking into one called Unity. I'm trying to determine if it could be used to re-create most of what made the GB multiplayer so awesome. – If possible, I plan to use my spare time over the next several years attempting to re-create the multiplayer containment/survival modes of GB:TVG game as it will no longer exist once Xbox Live dies. – I have no patience or reasonable expectations that future GB games will satisfy on the level that GB:TVG Multiplayer did (I'm thinking Sanctum of Slime, etc). – I'm bored with Story Modes. I want a skirmish game like the Multiplayer where I can go in, bust ghosts for 20 minutes or so and log out. – I wouldn't push too hard on this until after Xbox Live goes dark; when need for the game would increase. Anyway, these are my thoughts on some fan projects moving forward. If, at that time, we could network or find like-minded individuals to help "rebuild" the core mechanics of that game, I'm interested and willing. It might seem insane to obsess over the multiplayer game when everything is going against it living forever but I think I would be happy with a game that is 75% close to the original in look/feel as well as the mechanics. The only reason I'm even considering this is because it's becoming easier and easier for indie game developers to do more with less… I think at some late date it *could* be done. Until the game goes dark, I continue to screen-record hours and hours of multiplayer games in the case that future fan versions of the rebuild capture as much of it as possible. As always, I appreciate your time reading my ramblings and look forward to your opinions. All the best, Brian

  • For reference, as continues to add more franchises.
    For reference, as continues to add more franchises.

    Cover Photos
    With <a href="" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;;&quot;}" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=1665961750&amp;extragetparams=%7B%22directed_target_id%22%3Anull%7D">Andrew Brunner</a> and 15 others.

  • More details on the New York Gallery 1988 GB exhibit this Saturday!
    More details on the New York Gallery 1988 GB exhibit this Saturday!

    Galleries Nineteen Eighty Eight
    THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, Gallery1988 will begin it’s most ambitious, and secretive, project ever. We have teamed up with Sony Pictures to pay tribute to one of the greatest movies of all-time, turning 30…

  • Josh isn't half-assing it, judging by that pack…
    Josh isn't half-assing it, judging by that pack…

    A Tribute to Harold Ramis | The Legal Geeks
    A Tribute to Harold RamisPosted on March 4, 2014 by Josh Gilliland This entry was posted in Geek, Harold Ramis and tagged Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis by Josh Gilliland. Bookmark the permalink.

  • Custom Ghostbusters Not-opoly!
    Custom Ghostbusters Not-opoly!

    Twitter / IRboards: Ghostbusters property trading …
    Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.

  • Remember those Toledo Mud Hens jerseys for their Ghostbusters Night? You can buy…
    Remember those Toledo Mud Hens jerseys for their Ghostbusters Night? You can buy one ($80) or a t-shirt version for $17-19. They even have one with the Hen sporting a proton pack! The game is May 30th, but it sounds like you can get yours around the end of the month if you pre-order now.
    Thanks for the heads up, Mike!

  • Want your own Ghostbusters Easter Egg? Of course you do! You can get one here, a…
    Want your own Ghostbusters Easter Egg? Of course you do! You can get one here, along with an assortment of other pop culture-y Eggs!


  • Setting a crazy new standard for the GB3 hero packs…
    Setting a crazy new standard for the GB3 hero packs…

    Ghostbusters "Phoenix" Pack Demo Muy Interesante como dejaron expuestas algunas partes en el aluminio. Eso le da una apariencia moderna y actualizada. Tendríamos suerte si eventualmente los Packs para GB3 lucieran asi de buenos. I love how you left the aluminum parts exposed. It gives it a modern updated look. We'll be lucky if the eventual GB3 packs look half as good as this.

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