Has the new Ghostbusters theme been recorded?

It’s been a long time since we dusted off the old blog page for a news item, but then, this is a bit more than the average Facebook or Twitter entry can handle. Here we go;

Does the new Ghostbusters film have a theme already recorded? Has a soundtrack composer been chosen?

Well, we know, or knew rather, two things – firstly, session guitarist extraordinaire (and Paul Feig favorite) Phil X tweeted in July that he was doing some recording for Ghostbusters. That didn’t tell us much, other than work had begun on the film’s music, at least to some degree. Around the same time, filming had begun on a Heavy Metal concert scene in the film, so it was conceivable that he was working on music for the fictional Beasts of Mayhem band.

Then music mixer and sound engineer Chris Fogel was listed as part of the production. Again, not indicative of much, other than he might be working on the film in general, or had specifically been involved in the same recording as Phil X, which still didn’t add up to any particular piece of music.

But now we have a third name – Henry Jackman has two tracks named “Ghostbusters” registered with ASCAP (Work ID: 370265053 ISWC: T9150249459 & Work ID: 372214390 ISWC: T0106641499). Jackman has an incredible CV of movie soundtracks, including Captain America: Winter Soldier, Big Hero 6, all the way back to the Elmer Bernstein-esque Monsters Versus Aliens. It would be something if he were doing the soundtrack to the new Ghostbusters film, but currently that would just be a guess. He’s also (as was pointed out to me by the very clever Ghostbusters HQ) currently working on Marvel’s Civil War, which comes out next year – not a lot of time to be doing two Summer blockbusters, though not impossible.

He also has a background in covers and remixes. A bit of a classical prodigy, he discovered, like most UK teens in the 80s, dance music. With two titles named Ghostbusters registered with the Music House (International) Ltd label, it seems a fair bet he’s working on something with a modern flair.

Music House is associated with EMI who in turn is owned by… Sony. So, it appears we have a new theme. But it also begs a lot of questions until we find out more; Are Phil X, Fogel, and Jackman working together or on different parts of the film? Perhaps Fogel is working with both separately. Is it even the final theme or something in the running, or perhaps just for promotional purposes? And what can we expect to hear – a cover/homage/remix of Ray Parker Jr.? Something new in a similar vein? A modern fusion cover?

No idea! But this just keeps getting more and more exciting!

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