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1989 Hardees GB2 banner

By on Jan 28, 2009 in FANS | 0 comments

I have a complete set of the battery powered sirens Hardees gave out as part of their co-promotion of Ghostbusters 2 with Coca-Cola. I’m proud of them as the sirens were quickly pulled from distribution when it was pointed out that the battery cover and the batteries themselves were a bit of a choking hazard for small kids. Having a set of them is a bit of...

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Stay-Puft 8th biggest monster sez EW

By on Jan 17, 2008 in GB, MISC | 0 comments

The Linear Ranger and fellow surfer Matthew sent in a heads up that Entertainment Weekly online, in honor of tomorrow’s release of Cloverfield and its mysterious, New York crushing monster, have posted their 13 favorite, big movie monsters. Everyone’s favorite sugary sailor came in at number 8 (totally should have been graded higher for having crushed...

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Hallmark to release Ecto-1 ornament

By on Apr 4, 2009 in ECTOMOBILE, GB, MERCH | 0 comments

The Linear “who was that masked man” Ranger sent in this scan from a Hallmark 2009 Dream Book catalog, which features an official Sony/GM licensed Ecto-1 – item has a button, that when pressed, plays a snippet of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme. Release date for the item isn’t clear – perhaps as early as July, but also...

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