Princess Bride fans (no, really) are laughing at us.

Well, the good news is that we’ve still got over a week left to keep voting. Daily.
As in, you can vote every day.

But perhaps you MUST vote is the better way to put it.

Whereas Ghostbusters had 68% of the vote two days ago, we’re now at 47% and dropping. That means against all reason and expectation, Princess Bride has an organized fanbase, and they’re slapping the smile off our faces.

As I’ve said before – this is OUR year. They can have 2012, on their 25th anniversary, and if we can manage to get Ghostbusters playing at a single screening, then we’ve got noone to blame but ourselves.

VOTE! Then wander around to other people’s machines and use theirs to vote.

Nerdy Show launches GBRPG hub, gaming gear

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If you’re smart, you’ve been following Ghostbusters: Resurrection, the audio podcast of Florida ghostheads playing the classic Ghostbusters RPG. You’ll also then have heard them use their revised rules and new equipment. Well, now you can join the fun!

They have launched the GB RPG Hub, a one-stop source of the old rules, their new rules, gamer messageboard and best of all, laser etched Ghost Die, deck of equipment cards, character sheets, certificates… everything you need to start gaming! Here’s their blurb;

(October 10, 2014) The Nerdy Show Network is proud to announce the debut of their Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub and the launch of their Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations Standard Equipment Deck and Franchise Kit. The site offers a one-stop destination for everything a would-be Ghostbuster needs to gear-up and get gaming!

Since 2012, Nerdy Show’s fan-favorite podcast series Ghostbusters: Resurrection has used their own homebrew version of West End Games’ Ghostbusters roleplaying system to record their episodic, actual-play show. The series takes place in Ghostbusters continuity, following the events of Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Burnham and Schoening’s IDW comic series. With many aspects of Ghostbusters cannon absent from the 1986 system, and “Car Phones” not being applicable to a modern setting – they had to improvise. Ghostbusters: Resurrection GM (General Manager), Doug Banks devised an expansion of the equipment and rules; bringing in classic gear like Slime Blowers, newer additions like the Dark Matter Generator, and incorporating the spectrum of ectoplasmic residue (green, pink, and black).

The end result wasn’t just a thoroughly engrossing podcast series (now ending its second season), but an update to a beloved roleplaying system too good to keep to themselves. However, it wasn’t enough that the Nerdy Show team post a how-to for their expansion – they wanted to take the game to the next level.

The Ghostbusters RPG has been out of print since 2006 and since then the rule books have become readily available online. However, in order to play you need some custom gear: Equipment Cards and a Ghost Die. The Equipment Cards determine what items a player is carrying and act as a quick reference for how it works, and the Ghost Die is a 6-sided die with a special facing that’s essential to Ghostbusters’ chaotic and fun gameplay. In order to usher in a new era of Ghostbusters roleplaying, Nerdy Show has redesigned both and offers all-new print-your-own card sets or fans can support the project and pick up a professionally printed deck.

The Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations Standard Equipment Deck features 50 cards inside a Containment Unit tuck box – enough gear for 5 players. The set has been completely redesigned by graphic designer and Nerdy Show head, Cap Blackard, and features all-new equipment illustrations by artist Matasm. The deck is available as part of the Starter Kit (which comes with a laser-etched Ghost Die) or the Franchise Kit – a special edition package that includes everything needed to game including a Ghost Die, 12 slime green d6s, newly redesigned Personnel Cards, as well as a certificate commemorating the launch of your new Ghostbusters franchise.

This project has been a labor of love, developed alongside fans who’ve been dying to expand their own games. With the Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub, Nerdy Show hopes to revitalize the system for a whole new generation of fans. This isn’t the end of the project either, it’s only the beginning. If fan support is strong enough, Nerdy Show will be able to develop additional Equipment Cards, new modules for gameplay, and more fun – by fans, for fans.
Follow The Nerdy Show Network on Twitter and Facebook for updates on Ghostbusters Roleplaying and more.

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Ghostbusters Pinball app coming before Halloween!

From today’s Farsight (makers of Pinball Arcade) newsletter;
“Farsight is very excited to soon be releasing its first stand-alone pinball table app, Ghostbusters™ Pinball! We started building the table with the basic layout of the appropriately themed Haunted House™. As we continued development, and since this is our first table released that isn’t a simulation of a real world classic, we feel like it deserves even more than being featured in the Pinball Arcade collection.

Our Ghostbusters themed table will be free to download and free to play. Tokens are needed for each game, but you get 10 to start with and you earn at least one token each day. People with the Pinball Arcade installed earn two tokens per day!

The table is based on the hit movie released in 1984 and its sequel. This game puts you in control of the Ghostbusters crew, featuring Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, as they battle paranormal foes in New York City. The Playfield is divided into three levels representing iconic settings from the movies: the city, rooftop and subway. Use eight flippers to move the ball through the three levels by shooting up and down ramps, tubes and a manhole as you build up a huge Ghost Bonus. Raise the Slimer Pop Bumper to reveal a ball lock for Multi-Ball and then cross the streams on the roof to destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

We’re proud of how it turned out. Our hope is that people enjoy it and that this type of stand-alone app will introduce fans of Ghostbusters to pinball and to the Pinball Arcade.

The Ghostbuster app should be available before the end of October.

We hope you like it!”

Big ups to Santos for the tip (feels like old times)

Sure, it’s no film in a can. But it’s still important.

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Hey, Ghostusters 3 news! Emotions! Understandable! But all that aside, let’s talk about the news as news for a minute.

I think there’s a lot of confusion between “official” meaning it’s not a rumour or conjecture and “official” meaning production has begun.

I welcome the recently cautious attitude of my fellow Ghostbusters news hounds, who insist they will disregard all GB3 news until at least a script is approved. It’s not official until the cameras roll. This is reasonable, but it also means they are downplaying one simple thing in the Hollywood Reporter article;

“Feig and his Feigco Entertainment partner Jessie Henderson will executive produce. Reitman will serve as producer.”

Yes, a script still has to be approved. Yes, production has to be greenit and started. It’s not “officially” happening. But this one line is why we are NOT ignoring it – it’s the most official news about production we’ve EVER had.

We’ve had script writers. We’ve had script writers while Sony courted directors. We’ve had script writers, with Ivan Reitman as possible director, who has his own production company who would presumably been involved. Sony never said an official peep about any of them.

Now we have a script writer, a director, and a named executive producer, and Ivan Reitman as a defacto producer, meaning his role has been addressed. And Sony has confirmed this step – not through reps talking to the press – through their own channels. Does it mean filming has officially begun? Of course not. Can it still fall apart? Absolutely. Is it the most confirmed, least rumoured news ever officially acknowledged by Sony?


This one simple piece of news, so far overlooked as people scream their personal investments into the night sky, means the clock has moved a minute-closer to midnight. This is the most ducks we’ve ever seen lined up together since Dan Aykroyd first said “Let’s make a third one!” (most likely on the last day of shooting Ghostbusters 2). So, be as cautious as you like, it’s more than appropriate to remind people this doesn’t mean filming has “officially” begun. Just don’t bury the fact that this is still the closest we’ve ever been (like it or not) to a third movie, officially.

Sony releases Ghostbusters 1 & 2 30th Anniversary Blu-rays!


There is no question that short of cultural phenomenon like Star Wars, Ghostbusters has an amazing amount of home video releases. Actually, I can’t think of anything other than Star Wars that has seen so many offerings as Ghostbusters. Starting with the half-dozen VHS releases and going from there, you’re looking at a lot of home video editions of the smash hit of 1984. And that’s before you add in the sequel! So, it’s not hard to understand if a person didn’t want to get yet another one. But with today’s release of the Ghostbusters 1&2 Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Blu-ray, here are a few reasons you might want to consider it.

1) For starters, the price for the two disc, two-movie Digibook is basically the price of a single new release Blu-ray. Add in a short, but loving booklet, giving a small overview on the production of both films, and this set is en par with the 2005 Double-Feature gift set. In fact…

2) It has more extras. While the Ghostbusters disc contains a certain amount of materials fans have seen before, it has a new discussion between director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, as well as the never before released Ray Parker Jr. music video for the Ghostbusters theme song. The Ghostbusters 2 disc takes things even further, with more chat between Reitman and Aykroyd, the never before released video for Bobby Brown’s On Our Own music video (tho the Run DMC theme would have been nice, Bobby Brown’s song was THE Ghostbusters track of 1989), and deleted scenes. Ghostbusters 2 deleted scenes are akin to unicorns, if you’re wondering what the big whoop is. Furthermore, there has been no Ghostbusters 2 blu-ray release to date. Sony almost released one for the 25th Anniversary, but that was quietly retracted, and fans have had to wait five years. FIVE YEARS!

3) Sony has released a $5 off coupon for select real world retailers, for those of you who don’t want to shop online.

4) This is the best looking home video release of either film to date and likely will be the best for a few years yet, at least until 4K becomes common place. What is 4K? OK, let’s back up a bit.

Last year Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released a second Ghostbusters Blu-ray, mastered and released in 4K. If you’re familiar with 780p, 1080p, well, 4k is the next step up in resolution. Kinda like 2160p, double 1080p, lots of color stuff too technical to get into here. But only if you have the equipment. Most of us don’t, but it was a smart investment for Sony, as some markets around the world were starting to offer broadcast and streaming content in 4K. Not only that, the creation of a new master from the original film print was an opportunity to offer viewers a better color and contract balance. Previous DVD editions were all over the place, with quick and dirty contract bumps, muddy colors, all sorts of things that weren’t as nice as watching a 35mm print in the theater. At the same time, Sony apparently made themselves a GB2 4k master as well, and this is what you can buy today. While it is true that this isn’t a true 4K release, it stands apart from even the first Ghostbusters Blu-ray edition. And a good Blu-ray player and HD TV will give you an excellent viewing experience.
If you’re curious about the various editions, check out these comparison screengrabs at Spook Central.

5) You can get a Slimer statue in the limited edition gift set edition. If you want one. He’s not cheap though.
All things considered, this isn’t exactly a cynical return to the well for Sony, with a lot of solid work done to make this an edition worth owning, so for serious fans, it’s a good investment. Heck, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment. And for more casual movie lovers, if you haven’t bought Ghostbusters on home video before, or in a while, this is the place to start, Slimer statue or no.

Ghostbusters 1&2 Digibook Edition

Ghostbusters 1&2 Limited Edition Gift Set

(you can buy either movie separately, but with each movie being only $3 less than the two-movie digibook on Amazon… why would you?)


Bonus Tip: The keen 30th Anniversary stick on the plastic wrap can be easily peeled off and applied to the newly bare digibook. Or your phone. Or your binder. The point is, don’t throw that out, that’s a keeper.