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The Almighty Terribles perform an original live soundtrack to Ghostbusters!

When you combine the post-apocalyptic stylings of progressive rock band The Almighty Terribles with the pre-apocalyptic story of Ghostbusters, you’re bound to get something special. And the Almighty Terribles provided an experience that went beyond special. They came into a packed house with Proton Packs made of foam, jumpsuits and an LED lit up guitar. Providing avant-garde sound effects, original music and the theme song, the Almighty Terribles brought something new to something that they all love. “We all grew up with,” shared drummer Ryan Decker. “Its just one of those movies that we understood and in a way changed our lives.” “[Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema] asked us to do ‘Soundtrack Comes Alive,'” frontman Dave Cahill stated, “and we wanted to do a movie with something with characters and this is the first thing that came to mind.” It was a mutual agreement right away for them, as they got their plan ready that involved packs, jumpsuits and a soundtrack listing that would work best with the film. “We wanted to get cases of Ecto-Cooler for the audience, but we didn’t have enough time.” Their set list included some of their own songs such as “Banshee” and “Bomb in the Bedroom,” as well the Ghostbusters theme song and “Saving the Day.” “We knew right away that we had to do the theme song,” Cahill said. When deciding what song to place where, bassist, Nathan Powell, said right away, “I thought that was the easiest part!” The Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema, part of the ArtsQuest Center in Bethleham, PA, has had experience with performances like this in the past. Ryan Hill, Programming Manager of the theater, spoke about the “Soundtrack Comes Alive” program at the theater. The Almighty Terribles’ Ghostbusters performance is the fifth in the series, following Point Break, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City, and Baraka. “The Almighty Terribles approached me with Ghostbusters,” Hill says. “If a band picks a movie, they’re passionate with it.” For more information and free music from the Almighty Terribles, be sure to check out their website. Photos for this article were provided by Brian Hewitt Photography. For more photos of the event, please click here to check out photos taken...

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[UPDATE: More photos!] A Recap of What Happened at the Latest Performance of the Minions of Gozer

(Ryan Espin is an editor for Proton Charging and a Producer of Minions of Gozer: A Live Ghostbusters Shadowcast.) The Minions of Gozer, a Live Ghostbusters Shadowcast (think Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings), have returned to the IFC Center with new cast members, new scenes and new props! It was a wild ride this time around. With a packed house on Friday, and a sold out one on Saturday, it was one hell of a time. With favorites like Walter Peck returning, and the new addition of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and an impromptu musical number, it was definitely a hell of a run. Here are some photos of the events: To find more, visit the new gallery at...

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Get Slimed DVD, Slimer Documentary, On Sale for $9.99

Get Slimed: The Making of Slimer is now on sale for $9.99 at EonEntertainment. Regularly $14.99, it’s on sale for $9.99. All you have to do is go to and enter the code CHR11GS in the box above the Get Slimed DVD cover. Here’s some information about the documentary from their website: Go behind the scenes into the making of one of the most iconic and recognizable creatures from any film. Special effects legend Steve Johnson takes us back to 1982 and talks about the creation of Onionhead (later known as Slimer). We couldn’t leave this DVD alone. We’ve packed more into it than we ever planned! 15 minute interview with the man who made Slimer, Steve Johnson Over 200 behind the scenes photos of Slimer, the Librarian, and more Over 40 minutes of raw, behind the scenes video straight from Steve’s...

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