Ghostbusters 2 makes top-matte list… but not Ghostbusters?

Without a doubt, Mark Sullivan’s matte painting of Peter’s apartment in Ghostbusters 2 is exceptional, and as outlined in this top 50 list (it made #47) it is tragic that the painting was accidentally destroyed (painted on glass, matte paintings were prone to shattering.), but it seems very odd that Matthew Yuricich and his matte of the rooftop temple in Ghostbusters didn’t make the cut. The only thing I can assume is that he was omitted because he was already on the list for TWO other classic paintings, including Ben Hur.

Matthew Yuricich at work.

GB video game character art appears online, turns into awesome treasure hunt! spotted these renders of characters Ian McIntosh created for Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game (for the PC/Xbox/PS3 skews at least) – besides nice render studies of all four Ghostbusters and The Rookie, there’s also a head shot of Janine, a picture of the Mayor and Peck, and some stray characters, like the security guards and newsreader. You can check out his full gallery here, but be warned, the last couple of pages are of NSFW concept sketches, not GB related.

Where it gets even more fun is that there is a lot of other GBVG art on the same site – Robert St.Aubin posted a lot of his concept art from the game, including levels and menus, but the kicker is the sweet achievement icons he made that had to be scrapped when the retro-pixel style didn’t transfer well to TV.

And it goes on and on – Ecto-4WD concept art for Sanctum of Slime by Javier Martinez, a Dapper Dan Schoening gallery, and a truckload of fan art. Well worth poking around!