Paul Harborne – ghosthead of the day

Paul Harborne – and lord only knows how – managed to catch the attention of pretty much the entire scope of UK news media, making him the overwhelming Ghostbusters news today, according to Google. His Ecto-1 replica, while not movie exact, is beautiful, and given the scarcity of caddy ambulances in the UK, a minor miracle. Plus, as he’s going to hire it out for kids parties, that’s going to be a lot of happy kids. Nice work, Paul!

“What Does This Photo Of Jonah Hill With A Ghostbusters Car MEAN?”

It’s means he’s a fan who is also an actor, meaning he’s likely to be at the Sony Studios lot for any number of reasons (which is where the photo was taken.) The fact that rumours linked him (and were later shot down) to a third Ghostbusters is intriguing, but that’s it. Fact is, simplest answer is that a long time fan got to see the car we all love, and twittered it – like any one of us would in the same situation. No biggie.

Thanks to Grim for the heads up!

Hot Wheels to release 1:18 and 1:43 Ecto-1a next year!

No pictures yet, no press release yet, but on the Hot Wheels Elite homepage, they have listings for a a 1:18 (bit larger than the ERTL die-cast ecto) and 1:43 scale Ecto-1a.

Scale: 1:43
Collection: Cult Classic Collection
Limited Edition: no more than 10,000 pieces
The Ecto-1a is the second legendary modified 1959 Cadillac used by the Ghostbusters in the 1989 movie “Ghostbusters II”. This car was an updated version of the Ecto-1 and was equipped with more accessories and technician equipment. On the vehicle’s roof, two electronic billboards were added, one on each side, broadcasting Ghostbusters advertisements! Their logo was also updated on this vehicle. Ready to live an incredible experience thanks to this car collection?!

Stay Tuned!