Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Ecto and plush Ghostbusters!

A little old and little new.

A couple of weeks back, fans started spotting plush Ghostbusters, along with plush Slimer and Stay Puft, in claw machines – more often than not, these are found in the games rooms at your local Wal-Mart. They are not available through regular retail. You will actually have to find a claw machine and try your luck.

The toys are made by The Toy Factory, who specialized in plush prizes for claw machines, party arcades, and fairs. Their catalog does confirm they have the Ghostbusters license, but contains no pictures – not to worry though, people have been posting them up and sending them in a lot.

From what we can tell, they appear to come in two different sizes (as you can see in this picture by GBFan poster, hawaiiangb.

And Hot Wheels has finally posted pictures of their 1:18 scale Elite Ecto – as cool as the ERTL die-cast Ecto was, this car takes the cake.

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Ernie Hudson at Phoenix ComicCon – AZGBs in full force. [UPDATED]

The Phoenix Comic Con was this weekend and ABC TV gave it some special interest attention – of most note is they got to speak to Ernie Hudson a bit, who professed his appreciation for all the Ghostbusters fans out there. In doing that, the cameras also got a great look at the Arizona GBs and the spectacle they brought to the event.

You can read the write-up at ABC15’s website, but the video is better.

The Phoenix ComiCon was unbelievable this year. The attendance was record setting and they ended up having to limit the number of people in the hall and extended the hours because of it. Our booth was considered one of the most popular thanks to Puft looming over the hall. Anywhere you were you could see him. A lot of people used it at their meeting point.

William Atherton was only supposed to be there Friday and Saturday but he decided to stay all of Sunday too. William is a true gentleman and professional. Ernie was only in attendance on Sunday due to filming a movie here in Arizona. He stopped by our booth to see us and William. It caused a media circus and was an amazing moment to see the two actors together again.

We raised just $875 from raffles with $100 of that coming from the arcade machine. At $.25 a play that means it was played 400 times over the weekend.

All of our panels went great and Ernie’s was filled to capacity. We handed out 600 AZGB buttons and held the Slime Scavenger Hunt and Ghost Trapping Game for kids. We had tons of kids come in costume and a mom and her daughter came in Stay Puft costumes. The Zombie walk was also a huge success. Elvira also stopped by which caused another media circus. We set up our sound system speakers behind Vigo so after every few songs we had a Vigo quote play. It scared quite a few people, especially when they were in front of him for a photo.

Our pics on flickr:

First 5 minutes of Ernie Hudson and William Atherton panel:

AZcentral newspaper photo gallery of Zombie Walk:



Hot Wheels Collector reveals exclusive 1/64 scale Ecto! On sale next week!

Mattel owned Hot Wheels have unveiled an exclusive 1/64 scale Ecto-1 – the car, which is the same scale as the San Diego Comic Con Ecto-1 or the carded retail Ecto-1 from last year, actually goes on sale next Tuesday. This car is not to be confused with the Hot Wheels Elite die-cast Ectos that are coming up soon as well.

But there’s a catch; You have to be a member of the HWC Red Line Club. That’s a premium club, but that exclusive sale period only lasts 24 hours, then it’s open to regular members, and that’s a free membership.

The car will only be on sale for the week, buyers are limited to two cars at $14.99, but the cars themselves aren’t limited in number, just by the orders made during the week-long sale. So you can’t miss really.

What makes the care unique is below, along with sale details – it’s pretty sweet.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?, of course, because we’ve got everyone’s favorite demonic destroyers’ trusty ride, the Ecto-1! It will be offered first to Red Line Club members for a 24-hour Priority Window beginning Tuesday, April 26, 2011, at 9:00 AM PT, earning one RLC Rewards Point for each one you purchase with your membership during that period. Availability will continue after that for ALL HWC members through May 3, 2011, at 8:00 AM PT.

Based on a casting only seen once before in the mainline and once at Comic-Con, our version features a newly formulated pearl finish that has flakes of green and red, and, for the first time ever, Neo-Classics wheels. Add a hand-polished chrome-plated chassis, metalflake gray interior, silver-colored roof rack and clear windows, Ghostbusters logos on the sides and back door, yellow and black license plate with “Ecto-1” and “New York,” and you’ve got a ride so rad, even Gozer will want one!

-Special pearl finish
-Ghostbusters logos and deco
-Neo-Classics Redline wheels
-Full-metal, hand-polished, chrome-plated chassis
-Metalflake gray interior
-Clear windshield

Production car may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

The HWC Neo-Classics Ghostbusters Ecto-1 will be produced in the quantity of the orders we receive during the one-week ordering period. Don’t be scared… it will be safely hidden inside special packaging featuring the Ecto-1 on the front and shipped in a Hot Wheels Kar Keepers case. You can possess one for just $14.99 plus S&P (shipping & processing) each, and there is a purchase limit of TWO vehicles per membership.

Remember, Red Line Club members get 1 point for each vehicle purchased during the Priority Window. Not a member? The 2011 Red Line Club is sold out, but watch for details about next year’s Red Line Club!

Offer available to RLC members only for a
24-hour Priority Window: 4/26/11, 9:00 AM PT
Offer available to ALL HWC members: 4/27/11, 9:00 AM PT
Offer ends: 5/3/11, 8:00 AM PT


Hot Wheels shows off 1/43 Elite Ecto

The Hot Wheels Elite website has posted pictures of their 1/43 scale prototype of the Ecto-1. About two inches longer in size than the typical Hot Wheels car (or indeed, the actual Hot Wheels Ecto from a couple of years back), there is an amazing amount of details in one small car. One can only imagine the detail we’ll find on the 1/18 scale.

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Early look at Hot Wheels Elite Ecto-1 [UPDATE]

[UPDATE]Mmm, sorry – I think I’m perpetuating Entertainment Earth’s typo. Model scales are in fractions – so it should be 1/18 and 1/43, not 1:18 and 1:43, which are ratios.

So, a ’59 MM is 20 feet long (as far as I know), so at 1/18, the Hot Wheels Elite will be 1 foot, 1.3 inches long.

I’ve just put a ruler to my Joyride Ecto (I have one at home and one at the office – doesn’t everyone?) – it’s just a hair under 12 inches, which is exactly right for 1/21 scale.

So, no, it’s not going to be 6 inches longer as I originally had in the article. I should stop taking the word of people on the Internet for these things. If anybody is interested, this means the 1/43 scale Ecto will be a touch over 5 and a half inches long.

[UPDATE] Big Bad Toy Store is taking pre-orders and are offering the 1/18 scale for $99 and the 1/43 scale for $37. They are including list prices as being as reported at Entertainment Earth (their pre-order prices are discounted), so those figures do seem to be the actual prices.

While the New York International Toy Fair doesn’t start until this weekend, The Nurnberg Toy Fair happened last week and Hot Wheels was there, showing off some of their upcoming Elite line of die-cast cars.

Hot Wheels Elite are high detail cars that are targeted at adult collectors, usually in 1/18 (the same as the Joyride Ecto-1 from years back The Joyride Ecto was 1/21 scale, meaning this new one will be about 6 inches longer an inch and a quarter longer.) and 1/43 scale (1/43 is double the size of a typical Hot Wheel car, roughly – more traditionally, it’s O scale in model train terms.)

The Hot Wheels Elite website had one, long shot of the display (you can see the smaller 1:43 scale car in the back, nearly complete by the looks of it, or at least sporting paint), but GBFans member Nisei has some attendee close-up shots that show the 1:18 scale prototype, unpainted. Judging from the pieces of tape holding it together, the car will have a LOT of moving pieces.

Entertainment Earth is taking pre-orders on both cars – 1:18 at $115 and the 1:43 at $41. Both are listed as due September 2011, which means you can likely order them through your local comic shop in June. Stay tuned.